Benefit Goodies

As you may have read in my last post, on Sunday I attended Benefit’s first blogger event UP NORTH DUCK. They’re really getting in to the idea of the ol’ blogging lark and like us northern bloggers (well, I’m actually Midlands btw soz) are getting a bit tired of all the events happening in London. So being super savvy this was the first of {hopefully} many events based in and around the Manchester area.  As I mentioned non of us had any idea what to expect during the 1hr 30min’s there. It was at Harvey Nic’s though so we knew it’d be good. After the make up tutorials which were SO informative I feel like I’ve spent the last godknowshowmany years putting my make up on all wrong they treated us to a goodie bag…. And here’s what was inside!
B.Right Refined Finish
The Porefessional
Brow Zings 
They’re Real.
ALL of which were products I haven’t tried before. If you’re a reader of my blog on a regular basis you may remember my previous post about the Smokin’ Eyes Palette which I was so disappointed with that I gave up my search for my perfect Benefit product…. Well. That search is no more as each and every one of the things in this goodie bag I think is pretty darn good. I will post some more more detailed reviews of the contents over the coming week(s), god bless scheduled posts! My new job has started in full swing now. 8am til 11pm shifts are going to be the death of me! And I missed some training today, how useless AM I?!?! Ergh. Anyway, lot’s of posts to write now so keep a look out daily for updates.