Benefit Manchester 1st #bbloggers Event!

Yo yippy yo! If you follow me on Twitter you would of seen a few tweets today about my attendance at my first ever beauty bloggers event. I know, I know, you probably think I get invited to THOUSANDS. Well, I get invited to more like one…. every YEAR, so this was a bit exciting. The idea behind it was to bring a bit of this blog meeting culture to the north. Every event I’ve had the chance to attend so far has been London based, hence why I couldn’t go! The lovely ladies at Benefit invited 5 of us little ol’ bloggers to Harvey Nichols in Manchester and we got a chance to be shown tutorials on how to put our make up on like a pro. I for one learnt a LOT. I can’t wait to spend about an hour perfecting my eyebrows tomorrow morning! There was only a small group of us (5 to be exact) which was dead good. It meant it was more personalised and we got the chance to ask any questions directly to the ladies showing us all about the products. They also let us in a sneaky secret preview of the new foundation Benefit are set to launch in the very near future (apologies for the quality of these pictures, I left my camera at home even though I charged the batteries especially for today!!)
So it’s called ‘Hello Flawless’…. how ingenious is that name? I heard the best people develop their greatness by sticking ‘hello’ in front of things *cough*helloterrilowe*cough*
 The great thing about this product is the SPF 25 and this PA +++ malarky. I’m not gonna lie, some of the technical detail of the product recipe went a bit over my head…. But as long as it makes my face look AWESOME who cares?
The shade range looked rather spiffing too. I swatched some on my hand and it actually blended really well. I often find it hard to discover the right foundation for me due to my pasty weird skin but this one seems the right balance of pale without orange. 
We also got treated to a goodie bag – BAZINGA! I will be reviewing every single product that I received in here over the next week or two so make sure you check back!!!
And because I didn’t take many pictures of the event I’ll leave you with my ‘outfit of the day’. I’ve had this French Connection coat for over a year now and NEVER WORN IT OUT. Why not?!?! What’s wrong with me? It’s my new favourite garment!
what’s your favourite Benefit product? I’m SO hoping I find something I can cherish forever in my goodie bag.  Like I’ve said before, I really WANT to love Benefit, their employee’s are so nice and helpful but I’ve yet to find the right product for me. I know it’s out there, somewhere!!! 
And if you’re from THE NORTH make sure you follow @Shell_benefit on twitter for news and updates of the latest happenings in beneworld. Also, if you want a more detailed account of this event please head over the Becca’s blog –