Benefit The Porefessional

Hands up if you’re getting sick of the Benefit posts yet?? Haha. Sozzz….. But tough potatoes, I’m loving trying all these new things though so you’re getting some reviews whether you like it or not. Today we have The Porefessional primer which has been a massive hit on the ol’ beauty scene for a while now. No one can say anything bad about it can they? Well, being a massive stick in the mud, I have to admit – I’m slightly undecided.
 I got one of the little sample tubes in my goodie bag. It’s marketed as a ‘PRO balm to minimise the appearance of pores’. I have noticed lately I do notice my pores. Which I never used to. I’m not sure if this is because they’re becoming more visible or I’m just becoming more aware with pores being the new big thing to minimise in beauty world. Regardless of this though I was very intrigued to give this a go considering all the brilliant reviews of it about. The product itself is a slightly flesh toned cloudy in appearance almost gel like substance… Not what I expected at all. It’s not got the iridescent sheer look of ‘That Gal’ which I was more than dissapointed with when I tried it. The Porefessional glides on your skin with absolutely no effort at all, it feels so so nice and makes your skin feel ultra smooth and kind of ‘clean’. It’s not heavy at all. I’ve never quite come across anything of this consistency before so it was all a bit of a new discovery…. But does it do what it claims? Reduce the appearance of those dreaded pores? For me personally, I didn’t really notice a reduction in size or appearance of my pores, I’m not sure if that means that my pores are extra large or I’m just being too picky though! But it did help my make up smooth on with a lot less effort, I’m currently using 17 Miracle Matte Foundation which can be quite difficult to blend but The Porefessional helped it to literally glide across my face. It’s all well and good and does seem to make my foundation last a tad longer. But would I pay the £23.50 for the full size product? Probably not. As nice as this is to use, its not the product for me for the price. It doesn’t give me a flawless enough coverage to invest that much into the product and for now I will make do with my Technic ‘Prime It’ but don’t let my review put you off, I think primers are the type of product that people need to try for themselves as everyone likes a different finish to their FACE.