Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Every man and his dog has been harping on about Benefit They’re Real mascara, so I was so excited that I got it in my goodie bag from the Manchester bloggers event. I have been on the prowl for a new mascara for ages. I always always stick to the Maybelline Volume Clubbing mascara as it’s the blackest black and so affordable, but lately have been branching out and trying new things. Currently my go-to daily mascara is 17’s peep show which I bought purely for the free eye shadow palette but I must admit it’s not the best I’ve used ever. My ‘going out’ mascara is the Blink n Go one I received in Decembers Glossybox which is absolutely AMAZING. The only problem is that as it’s waterproof it dries my eyes completely out and after about 4 hours wear it gives me the worst blood shot eyes ever. I’ve also tried Benefits’ Bad Gal Lash mascara in the past and was so unimpressed! But now I’ve got what appears to be the Holy Grail of eyelashes I’m quite pleased…. 
It come’s in fairly chic packaging; A nice champagney grey colour tube inside a box which gives you some instruction on how to apply, I like this packaging as unlike the other Benefit products I’ve tried as it’s not too busy or colourful and it looks more suited to the price tag. The first time I tried this yesterday I didn’t read the box I was too inpatient so put it on as I usually would. Then today I read the box and realised the way I put mascara on is apparently the ‘right’ way according to this anyway. Seems I’m not such a make up n00b after all.The brushey stick thing itself is quite prickly. But this is ok. It doesn’t hurt or anything and I haven’t stabbed myself in the eye yet. You use the brush horizontally at first and wiggle a bit as you brush up the lashes. Then turn the brush vertically to separate and curl them. Pretty standard really. I generally apply 3-5 coats of mascara. I’m a bit addicted and will keep going back to top it up before I go out anywhere. Although this one isn’t as ‘untop-upable’ as the blink n’ go which dries within seconds, it doesn’t like being topped up too much too long after the first application. It still works though but a bit more wiggling and effort is required. I think if I hadn’t used the blink n’ go (God Terri, just MARRY Blink n’ Go already) I would be really really impressed by this! The price tag is £18.50 which is £4 more expensive than Blink n’ Go BUT I could use this a lot more frequently as it doesn’t dry my eyes. This is definitely my new ‘going out’ mascara and I’m quite chuffed to now have it in my make up bag. Although I do find spending nearly £20 on a mascara pretty bad, I mean, I could get 2 dresses off ebay for that much! But now I’m no longer a student I guess I should probably start to treat myself a bit more.

And if you’re not aware this was a free gift. It doesn’t change my opinion at all. Thanks.