Olá! Well, I thought I wouldn’t have time for another blog today but alas, whilst treating myself to a nugget of cheese I realised it was too good not to share. I recently discovered in Asda that they sell little meshes of Branston Cheese and Marmite Cheese. I love a bit of cheese so picked up both. I’m quite apathetic towards Marmite; I neither love nor hate it. Despite their advert claiming that you must feel one way or the other about it. Anyway in these meshes you get 5 rather large pieces of cheese packaged individually….
 The packet itself is fairly tricky to open. I think the old or a child would struggle slightly. But me being a super savvy mid 20yr old had no trouble releasing the cheesy goodness inside. …
 The Branston cheese looks like regular chedder with a bit of a rash….
 And the marmite variety is a slightly smoother look and consistency.
 The Branston cheese can be quite hard to get out of the packet in one piece. I think because it has real bits of branston pickle in it…
 It’s not laced with onions and stuff but it does have a nice little bit of crunch in there, yum.
The marmite one is easier to get out of the package in one piece.
As you can see the pieces of cheese themselves are on the large side (compared to a babybel or something) I think this is so you can have it in other ways than just eating on its own as a snack. The pieces are large enough to cut a few small slices from and I imagine having one of these bad boys on toast would be a bit of a taste sensation (note to self; try this later)
The ultimate taste test comes from the cats though. As you can see my little Piss Rat (aka Kitty if you follow me on Twitter) is apprehensive towards trying the cheese. She seems intrigued by the smell and knocked it around a bit but didn’t even lick it…
 Where as the fluffy little fooker known as Dillon lapped it up. He liked both the marmite and the branston cheese and was meowing for more when he’s nommed the bits I gave him. (he’s got a really floppy tongue, freak)
You can try these cheeses yourself at Asda for about £1.29 a packet. Even if you don’t like marmite much the cheese has a kind of nice ‘meaty’ taste to it and the branston one is a lovely little snack.