Chocolate Philadelphia

I honestly don’t know why I buy all this chocolatey stuff when I’m a die hard fan of savoury snacks – give me a pack of Lime Doritoes over a chocolate fudge cake any day. But when I saw this Philapephia blended with Cadbury chocolate advertised the other day, intrigue got the better of me so when I went to Asda I had to make the purchase. It’s on an introductory offer at the moment at £1. I know some people will see this and thing ”OHMYGOD SO GROSS” which I’ll admit I did at first, but when you consider cheese cake is made from cream cheese (and yes Philadelphia IS a cream cheese you can use for cheese cake *curses the woman who once argued the toss with me about this*) Then it’s really not as grim as first imagined.
 If you think it looks like it’s going to be your daily calorie intake in one spoon full then never fear, the clever Kraft(sters) have blended the spread with Light Philadelphia instead of full fat to make it a little more forgiving.  It says a 30g serving provides you with 86 calories and according to the internet 1 tablespoon of Nutella (which is 19g) comes in at a whopping 100 calories, so I’m sure you can do the math to work out which one of these is more friendly as a sweet treat.
 The spread itself is a slightly sticky consistency. Like inbetween regular Philly and Chocolate Spread. It smells  pretty chocolatey and not very cheesy like I expected.
 I opted to have it on toast with some banana’s. I’ve never ever been a fan of banana’s til lately I’ve been getting a craving for them. Also I can’t believe how cheap banana’s are! 22p for two? Why doesn’t everyone eat banana’s? (Actually everyone does, did you know they’re the most sold product at Supermarkets? You learn something new every day)
So what did it taste like? Well, like chocolate Philadelphia of course! Although the taste is a little more subtle than I expected. It’s nowhere near as sickly as chocolate spread tends to be and with the banana’s on toast makes for a SLIGHTLY healthy alternative for a breakfast treat. I’m looking forward to experimenting a bit with it and seeing what other things I can use chocolate Philadelphia for, so far I’m drawing a blank, so any suggestions?