Cici Bubble Jelly Drink

After yesterdays scathing review of this months Glossy Box I really need to bring my blog back into the sunshine. And what better way to do that than with some lovely goods from China Town! I bought this at the same time as the Grape Mochi and on the same day as the Bubble Tea but forgot all about it. 
 The Cici I chose was apple flavoured, it's a quite transparent jelly with 'nata de coco' in it. I just had to google what that was and apparently it's a type of fermented coconut water that turns into a jelly like food.... yum? I don't mind a bit of something to chew on within a drink. My favourite drink to get from China Town is the Aloe Vera King drinks. They have real bits of Aloe Vera pulp in and come in loads of nice flavours.
 Anyway.... Cici comes with a convenient straw in the lid. I quite like things like this as it's such a clever yet simple design (even if it is just a drink)
 So, not a lot else to say about the packaging or what's in it. But I'm sure you really want to know what it tastes like....
 IT TASTES LIKE APPLE JELLY. Ha. Yes, a simple apply jelly but the jelly is 'runny' enough to be DRUNK. It's a bit of an odd consistency and takes you a bit by surprise when you slurp it up the straw. I know it sounds ridiculous but even though I read it was a 'jelly drink' I still expected it to be a liquid?!
I got one of the coconuty jelly bits almost straight away and they're a really odd consistency too. I can't think of what I could liken them too. Nothing in it tastes offensive. It's all quite pleasant but I can imagine a lot of people wouldn't be a fan (like many things I blog about!). Maybe I will make my own variant but with a slosh of vodka.  Hmmmm.....

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  1. I love your chinese food and drink posts!

    Holli x

    1. Thanks! I've run out for now so that means another visit to the chinese supermarket is in order!

  2. Wow I have never seen such bright drink packaging! What an interesting sounding drink! xx

    1. It certainly was 'interesting'! haha

  3. That looks really good, might have to see if we can spot any over here!

    1. I bet you'd find some awesome things in the right places over there!

  4. After weeks of searching, I finally found a carton of this jelly at the HiYou Oriental Food Emporium in Newcastle yesterday. The packaging is so bright and colourful, it seems a shame to open it!

    I LOVE your blog. Your photographs are always so elegant and stylish - they even make Disco Biscuits look appetizing!

  5. I absolutely love these drinks.. You should try some drinks like soursop juice, tamarind juice and grass jelly next :0


Thanks for the comment!

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