Fashion is Danger

So after my post asking for a little bit of feedback for the contents of my blog, you guys were super lovely and said I had a really good balance of what I post about, huzzah! However, one topic that did come up was that a few wanted some style/outfit posts. Now even though I am what’s technically known as a ‘super hot female’ (I JEST) I’m a little camera/internet shy. So I’ll ease it in a bit gently with some outfit pictures I took a while ago that I feel comfortable sharing with the world wide web! Now I will point out that even though I dress super savvy, I am by no means a follower of fashions. I like what I like. If what I like happens to be ‘in’ at any particular time it’s a massive bonus. I don’t want you to raise your expectations to find that I’m just not that cool.
On to my style (or lack of) then… Like I said, I will wear what I feel comfortable in. I like anything with a hint of irony. Usually the ironic factor coming in the form of cats…..
 This cat print dress was from A Wear, I actually wore it for my graduation because the colours matched the Staffs Uni colours.
 I also like anything colourful although I’ve tried to tame that a little bit lately. Burgundy and mustard yellow is my all time fave combo.
 & you saw this dress before on my Pasty Pastel post.
 This is what I wore to The Look Show back in August. I must admit I felt a little out of place because everyone was so ‘on trend’ and I rocked up in my brightly coloured ensemble. Whoops.
And once again back to the mustard yellow. It just goes with my hair, what can I say.
So thats a little glimpse into what I wear. I’m not sure if I will do any other outfit posts as like I said I’M JUST SO SHY!! Hahahaa.

Flight of the Conchords//Fashion is Danger
(in case you were wondering the relevance of the title to this post!)