Fresh Look Colors Contact Lenses

 This is a bit of a different review than I would usually like to do, but the opportunity to try some coloured contact lenses courtesy of would have been a silly one to pass on. I’ve been intrigued  by the concept of coloured contact lenses for years now. I’ve been wearing glasses since my early teens and contact lenses since I was 16. My prescription is terrible – a -5.50 in both eyes which means I can barely see a foot in front of me without some seeing apparatus. I’m glad contact lenses exist because my glasses are slowly becoming more like the bottom of milk bottles as time goes on….
 Apparently the reason for short sightedness is because people who have it also have big eye BALLS (so the optician told me anyway) He reckons that as you get older your eyeballs actually shrink so once it kicks into your peepers you start to see a slight improvement…. Interesting huh? I’m not sure how true that is though as the older I get the worse my sight seems to become!
 So I chose two colours to try out. I have naturally green GREEN eyes, which are apparently the rarest colour (score!)….. Even though I’m not a fan of blue eyes I thought the Blue Sapphire colour looked interesting. I chose the ‘Fresh Look’ ones because they are made by the same people who I get my regular contact lenses from so I knew they’d be fine in my eyes. 
I also chose Violet because it was a bit more unusual. The lenses weren’t what I was suspecting in the sense of the colour on the actual lense. I was expecting a block colour but it’s more a pixilated print. I’ve not seen coloured contact lenses before though so that was just an assumption. As you can also see they have ‘FL’ printed on too. Which I feel is a little pointless. I mean, I know what make the lenses are and no one can see that close into my eye to see it as an advertising ploy so what is the point? If you know please tell me!!
The lenses themselves are slightly thicker than my usual lenses too. It doesn’t feel any more uncomfortable though. The only trouble is that I’m not sure if the lense is inside out or not. As I have a very mild astigmatism in one eye one of the lense seems to move a little when blinking at times so I get a slightly cloudy view for less than a second. Which is a little bit weird. But regardless of that they are comfortable, non drying and you know, I can see! Now apologies for the cringey eye close up pictures now (eye close up shots are my pet hate, no idea why!!)
Apologies for those images. My skin tone is completely different in each one, damn lighting. But you get the general jist right? The violet wasn’t the strong shade I expected. I realise now it’s because the colour can  vary depending on your original eye colour. So with mine being quite dark its just a hint of colour. I imagine on light blue eyes they’d look really good though.
So in conclusion, they’re a bit of a change and can give you a slightly different ‘look’…. But for me personally there aren’t any pro’s or con’s to the coloured lenses although it is really interesting seeing who actually notices! 

*in case you didn’t read this fully the lenses were a complimentary sample from sent for review. Thank you to Best British Bloggers (@britbloggers) for the opportunity to try them!