Joliebox February

I think it’s safe to say that the novelty of monthly beauty boxes has well and truly worn off for me. I’m just not excited by them any more! I must admit though that despite this I was looking forward to this months Joliebox. However, considering this one was the first we have received since December I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. I thought with the long wait and the transformation from Boudoir Priv√© we could have something a little more special this time, but alas, just a mediocre box with mediocre contents. And it’s a real shame because I always considered this box to be one of the better, more consistently good ones.
 There were 5 samples in the box, the theme being ”Nice and Natural from top to toe…” I know this sounds incredibly horrid but really, natural skin care products don’t really appeal to me. Obviously I don’t want anything thats made animals suffer or anything but when I see something’s natural is kind of puts me off, I really don’t know why this is. So in the box we have:
 Lavera Basis Sensitive Organic Hand Cream
The packaging to this reminds me of something you’d get from Aldi, or maybe it’s because the name is similar to the beauty products you can get in Aldi (Lacura). It doesn’t really smelly like Shea Butter or Almond Oil to me and also the cream separated in the tube so when I first tried it I got a horrid water liquid and a blob of cream. Nothing a quick shake wouldn’t sort out though and I guess it’s a good size to keep in my handbag.
 Jane Iredale ‘Just Kissed’ Lip and Cheek stain in Forever Pink
Not overly impressed by this, I know a lot of people are loving it. The size is minuscule which I guess is fine, it is meant to be a sample after all. But the main reason I’m not taken in by this is the fact that it’s colour adjusts dependant on your mood/temperature. Last year I bought a lip stain from Claire Accessories that did the exact same thing for a quid. This really isn’t much different. A bit too much of a gimmick for my liking but the colour itself and product are OK. Doesn’t dry my lips and the shade is a really nice pink for me. 
 Macadamia Deep Repair Masque
Possibly the only item in the box I am pleased with but only because I’ve tried nothing from the Macadamia range before and have wanted to for a while. I would have much preferred the oil that was seen in some beauty boxes a few months ago, that would have lasted a bit longer and I would have been able to conclude a good idea of if the product is any good. I don’t think that can be judged on a one try sample, even if the info card says it’s full size. However, really looking forward to  using it and I hope it does my hair some good at least.
 TAAJ Himalaya Micellar Water
I really have no intentions on trying this. It’s an anti-oxidant and tonic make up remover that will revitalise and purify the skin… apparently. Toners never really appeal to me, especially when they look like and pretty much are just water. I just can’t be bothered. I recently got a l’occitane red rice toner in a travel set and rarely bother with it. Even though it’s really good.
And finally we have this mini RMK Rejuvenating Facial System set.
Once again another thing that doesn’t really excite me. Especially when reading the instructions to find that you need to use 6 drops of the oil and 6 spritzes of the ‘activator’ I would be surprised if this could be used more than once, and once again you really can’t fathom a good review/idea of skin care from one go.
So overall like I said, a mediocre box! I will probably cancel my subscription to all my beauty boxes this month.They’re really not appealing to me any more (also because I’ve just committed to finance on a new car *gulp*). Which is a shame. I will also add that a lot of things that have been received through these boxes have appeared in non other than TK Maxx over the past few weeks! Honestly, so so many things, full size, for mega cheap prices. So that might be worth checking out if you do like the contents of some of these boxes. The most recent spot has been the Rituals range of shower stuff as seen in Decembers Glossybox, all retailing for around ¬£4 each.
I’m such a party pooper.