Koh-Kae Tom Yum Peanuts

Ooooh someone’s been to Chinnnaaa Townnnnn this week. You psyched? I am. I got quite a few treats this week but this one is the tastiest I’ve opened so far! Koh-Kae Tom Yum flavour coated peanuts.
They come in a huge canister type container and cost £2.20. I have tried the coconut coated nuts from this range years ago and remember them being quite the taste sensation, so when I saw the Tom Yum ones I just had to try. If you don’t know what Tom Yum is it’s usually a spicy but sour flavour of soup (although it comes in other forms) that you can get from Thai restaurants. As nice as the Tom Yum flavour is I do prefer Tom Kha but that’s a whole nother story.
The nuts have a cripsy coating of the flavour all over them. The best way to describe them is if you’ve ever had Nobby’s Nut (Do they even still make those?!) They’re really tasty and moreish. The flavour is quite rich but the spice doesn’t hit you until you’ve swallowed them. They’re not overly spicy, just the right level. I hate when spicy things have no flavour and all you can taste is BURN.
Have you tried these? Do you remember Nobby’s Nuts? I had to refrain from so many nut innuendos during this post.