Morning Rice Drink

What's that? More China Town goodness? Yeah that's right.
Bought this during my chinese supermarket mini haul last week and tried it today. I bought it purely because I just hadn't tried it before. I can't read the label apart from 'Morning Rice' So it was all a bit of a mystery.
I figured with it being a 'morning' drink it would be pretty refreshing if not energising in some way. Oh the other bit I could read was that it contained 95calories. That's quite hefty for a drink isn't it?
Reading the ingredients I still didn't really get a sense of what the taste would be like. But I did notice it contained Vitamin C. I'm so healthy.
So what did it actually taste like?
It was kind of like drinking caramel snack a jacks?! You could definitely taste a rice flavour, which is odd because I never really noticed rice had a 'flavour'! But really really sweet. Not sickly sweet either,  just like a sugar coated sweet. It was quite interesting! Once again not sure of the health benefits of this but it was ok. You can try your own for around 59p at the chinese supermarket in China Town Manchester if you like.

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  1. Oooh, this is exciting! I love trying new little things like this.

    e x

    1. You've got to try everything twice!

  2. The colour is funny enough to put me off lol but for 59p its always worth a try!

    1. Yeah it's like a see through white. Reminds me of skimmed milk which makes me feel a bit vomity!

  3. Love these posts of yours, I am really fussy so don't think I would be brave enough to try some of these!

    1. Aw thanks! I know what you mean, but I just love trying new things. The only thing I refuse to eat is mushrooms!


Thanks for the comment!

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