Nu Jeed Jeedjard Chewy Candy Tamarind

I hope you’re enjoying reading these posts about these new foods I’ve discovered in the Chinese Supermarket as much as I am posting about them! If not, sorry. I’m scheduling all these posts on my day off to keep y’all entertained whilst I’m working my butt off at my new job. There’s some beauty reviews thrown in between though  in case you haven’t noticed. Today I bring you some Thai Candy in the form of Nu Jeed Jeedjard Chewy Candy Tamarind! It doesn’t sound the most appetising does it? But look how cute the packaging is!
 Clearly these are aimed at kids for when they’re doing the usual stuff…. Driving, working, reading and watching TV. They do contain quite a high sugar level too. I imagine it makes for some super loopy times if they ate the whole tub.
 It also tells me on the container to ‘shake it chew it’ I must admit when I shook it not a lot happened really.
 Inside the contents resembles chocolate covered raisins although they have a hard shell not a chocolatey one.
I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I bought these, I was aware Tamarind was a spice so the concept of them being candy coated was quite strange. They’re really chewy once you bite through the hard shell and quickly develop into a subtle spice flavour. It’s not dissimilar to cinnamon but not as fiery. It’s really quite hard to describe. They cost £1.10 which isn’t too bad and came in a few different flavours. I’ve just been researching the health benefits of Tamarind and it’s quite good for a few things such as aiding digestion, dry eyes, sore throats… The list goes on. So I will pop them in my car for some on the go goodness. Have you tried anything like this before? They remind me a bit of some ginger candies I bought from Holland and Barratt a while back, apart from a bit tastier and a bit less spicy!