Toffifee are my all time favourite chocolatey, caramely, hazelnuty snack. I recently picked up a 'bumper' pack of them from Makro for about 3quid. I could literally eat them until I barfed.
 Lecker! Delicious! Superbe! boasts the box..... and that they are.
 They are presented in little rows of delicious goodness. You just pop them out from behind and begin the taste sensation.
 They cup itself is chewy caramel. Filled with nougat and a whole hazelnut with a splodge of chocolate on the top.... 
They're just such tasty little things. If you can't make it to a Makro I've often seen the smaller packs in Poundland.... retailing at.... £1.

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  1. Replies
    1. They're so tasty! Like the perfect little snacky thing.

  2. My manager at work used to bring this in as a treat at nice we started making him bring them in every day :) xxx

    1. I wish I had your manager! I've eaten nearly half the box already :'( wahhh.

  3. Looove them. I got a box at Xmas and its still unopened. Hard to resist!!!

  4. Nom I love these!! Haven't had them for ages though!!
    Love your blog, I'm following you now =)

  5. I haven't had these in so long, I must must must get some soon!

    1. You must! They are so good, nom!

  6. My bf is always talking about these, we cant get them out in oz though!

  7. I love these! I'm able to eat the whole pack in one or two days...


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