Back to the Old’s Cool – Cremolia

I’ve not posted a ‘back to the olds cool’ blog entry for a while now, so here’s a rayt treat for you today…..Yeah I know it sounds like some kind of horrid disease and looks like something you would find in yer nan’s cupboard, BUT I discovered this yesterday in Boots and it was so gross and retro looking I just had to buy it.
 It’s Smiths Cremolia! A non greasy gooey substance that softens and conditions the hands and skin. Huzzah! What more do you want from life? I bought this as my Dermatitis has flared up again this week and I’ve run out of my amazing Body Shop Hemp Balm. This cost a mere £1.29 so I thought I’d give it a whirl.
 It’s a pretty basic ingredients list so I knew it wouldn’t do me any harm. The fact it’s non greasy also made me think I could use it on my face too. And I did and it went down a dream. My cheeks could be mistaken for a baby’s bottom at the right angle today I tell thee!
The goo itself is a pretty strange consistency. I won’t be so vulgar and tell you what I thought it was similar too – but its grim, reaaaalll grim. BUT when rubbed into the skin it disappears really quickly with amazing results. No smell seems to linger and it doesn’t leave your hands with that tacky feeling a lot of hand creams can. I’ve used it for one day and it has already reduced the redness of my dermatitis flair up and made it a lot less sore. It does smell like THE OLD though so be prepared. Worth a go for the price anyway!