Bargain Hunt - Miracle Repair with Argan Oil

Two Bargain Hunt posts in two days, oh I do spoil you! I'm actually scheduling these posts to publish automatically whilst I'm being a slave to the grind this weekend and working! I'm actually on a killer shift which started 8am Friday morning and set to end 4pm Saturday. I have exciting job news you may have seen via my Twitter though so this will be a thing of the past soon! Anyway.....As we know Argan oil is like freakin' liquid gold right now, with prices for serums reaching ridiculous amounts. Well, forget those fancy pants ones, head to Tesco and pick up this Denise McAdam one for £2!!
 I have tried Denise McAdam serums in the past and they have been some of the better ones I've used. I'm also loving the revamp in design they've had recently. I actually didn't recognise them as being Denise McAdam and only looked at them because I thought they were a new range of products.
It works just the same as the regular Morrocan/Argan oils do. Apply it to wet or dry hair for a lovely glossy finish that repairs the hair from the inside (or something like that, unsure of the technicalities, soz) I've just compared the ingredients and this one contains the key ones found in the ever popular Morrocan Oil including; Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone and Argania Spinosa Kernal Oil. The main difference however being the price. Morrocan Oil is SO expensive - around £20 if not a bit more. This one is literally a fraction of that price. I know the other main contender for a cheaper alternative to Morrocan/Argan Oil is the v05 concentrate. I've tried that and I would actually say this one is heaps better. My hair has dried in record time (especially as I no longer use a hair dryer and let it dry naturally nowadays) And even if it wasn't comparable with any other serums it's still a great product. £2 well spent!

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  1. I might have to try this one. I use an revitalizing serum from Avon atm which i do love. Great Post xx

  2. This looks great - so cheap as well! x


Thanks for the comment!

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