Bargain Hunt - Pastel & Matte Nails

Another new feature I'm adding to the blog is 'Bargain Hunt' in which I share with you super dooper bargains I've nabbed each week.... So here's the first one..... As we all know Pastel colours are SO in this season dah-ling and I'm no stranger to the pastel lovin', so when I spotted more awesome colours in the Technic Pretty Pastels range I had to grab 'em. I got this amazing minty green one for 99p from Bodycare. 
 I really do like Technic nail varnishes. They do a lot of 'dupes' of popular ones but I'm sure you'll agree that with a price difference sometimes mounting up to over 9quid the 99p range is WELL worth it. I'll be the first to admit though that some of the colours in the pretty pastels range aren't quite pastel colours. BUT it's still a great range of shades. There's an amazing rich coral like colour I'm going back for when I'm next in town as I'm totally regretting not picking it up with this one!
 The second nail based bargain I nabbed was from the Poundshop (oooh two bargain nail varnishes in one post, I am spoiling you) I apologise for the shabby images of this in use but as soon as I got it I had to paint at least one nail with it and I'd just done the pastel green freshly before going to town.
 This Revlon polish in 'Emerald Green' dries with a 'matte suede' effect. I've tried matte finish polishes before and they always seem to rub off the end of your nail really quickly, like within hours. So I must admit I didn't have very high hopes for this, even though it was Revlon. But how wrong was I? It lasted for around 3 days before it started to wear off and didn't chip at all. FOR A POUND I think that's kind of special.
It's really hard to capture the finish of the Revlon polish in an image but it is lovely and had tiny speckles of like a gold glitter in it. The Poundshop does seem to hold quite a few make up and beauty treasures lately including a lot of Rimmel stuff, always worth a look!

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  1. Both very pretty xxx

  2. I adore the Revlon one!

  3. The revlon one is so nice, and it lasted for 3 days! wow. none of my revlon ones last that long.x

  4. I've never tried a matte suede because I saw and read before that (OPI) suede nail polishes peel off seriously quickly.
    I must try one of those Revlon!! ^-^
    Thanks for sharing, Terri!!!!

  5. Loving the bright turqoise colour its fab!!! gona try find a similar colour! :)

    Diana x

  6. Ohh, I love that Revlon one, I think my Mum has it *off on the steal*

  7. Where do you buy the Technic nail polishes? I can't find any shops that sell it :(

    1. A shop called Bodycare, I think they're quite common I've seen them in most cities I've been to!

  8. I always nose at the Technic polishes - never seen that turquoise one. LOVE.


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