Barry M Foundation Brush

I’ve mentioned a few times that I need to bite the bullet and invest in a foundation brush. I’ve had soooo many recommendations and the common suggestion has been either the ELF brushes or investing in the slightly pricier Real Techniques range. Well, you’ll be pleased to know I took non of your advice! Haha! Not on purpose though, honestly. I did enjoy seeing that ELF brushes were so cheap, but I literally only want a brush from their website, so I didn’t want to spend more on postage than I would on the product, and as it’s the first brush I’m trying and not sure if I’d prefer using one as opposed to my fingers, the Real Techniques ones were a bit too expensive for my budget. So, in stepppsss the Barry M Foundation Brush! I didn’t even know they did brushes! Did you?
I really love the colour of the actual brush, such an amazing shade of purple. It was a toss up between this and the Revlon brushes in Superdrug (both around the same price at the time, this costing £5.99) The reason I chose this one though was because the bristles were shorter. I get the feeling that foundation brushes are going to be too soft for my liking. So I figured the shorter bristles would be ‘harder’ and be like a cross between a stippling brush and a foundation brush.
I’ve got to say, I am fully converted! I’ve put off buying a foundation brush for so long…. why? WHYYYY? I would never go back to using my fingers now. Just. No! It’s as perfect as brushes come. I expected for the price I’d even get bristles coming out and leaving me looking like I had extra facial hair, but nope! Non of that either. I would fully recommend this brush! Granted, I don’t have any other brushes to compare this too but I am certainly impressed.