Beep Beep

This week has been NEW CAR WEEK! I’ve been pretty excited about getting a new car for a while, the main reason because of this:
Which resulted in this:
And that got a lot of this when driving down the street:
Yeah thanks all you people who stared at me and my little ‘Optimus Primark’ Micra. You didn’t give me a complex or owt…So anyway, after a lot of deliberation and several palpatations in handing over more money than I’ve ever paid for ANYTHING EVER (well, apart from my degree, but what good is that in real life?) I bit the bullet and invested in a 09 Fiat Panda. 
Ain’t it shineeeyyyy? I love it, it’s so nice to have a car I’m not embarrassed to drive!! I really wanted a Fiat 500 but clearly couldn’t fund one of those this is kind of the next best thing, right?
It also came with a cup holder that looked like a cock and balls…. As standard.
Whats your dream car?