Benefit Cabana Glama

Summer is here! (kind of) So what better way to get a bit more sunshine in your life than faking a bit of bronzeyness around the ol’ face….. And what better way to get that than with a Benefit product (I’m now a fully converted Benefit fan, can you tell?) This is a one stop set perfect for taking on your holibobs with you as it doesn’t take up much room and contains everything you’d need to look lovely in the summer summer summer tiiiiime.
 I’ll admit this probably wouldn’t be the first product I’d choose from their range, my skin tone resembles that of a frozen poultry product so a bronzed, tanned, holiday look is the last thing I would associate myself with really. However, it’s packed to the brim with goodness….
 Contents includes: 
‘Some kind of gorgeous’  in medium – a concealer which when I first looked at it, made me wonder how I would use it, as I’m so pale it would never suit me surely? Alas though, it does! It’s possibly my favourite thing in this set. I’ve made the mistake before of getting a lighter shade of concealer which seems to highlight imperfections more due to the contrast so a few shades darker than what I would usually go for has made so much difference.
Hoola – a cheeky little bronzing blush. I have to admit, it kind of looks like I’ve smudged poo on my face when I put this on, I need to perfect the blending of it. I think it may be due to the little brush that comes with the set picking up too much though, I used my regular blusher brush on the other cheek and found it much better. This is probably down to my paleness though, I imagine darker skin tones wouldn’t have this problem at all.
PosieTint  – I already have a Posie Tint and I really love it, it’s the ideal pink shade for me. It can be used on cheeks and lips. I do find it a little drying on lips though so apply a bit of clear lip balm first which stops this problem.
Peach Fizz, Bronze Buzz & Cocoa Pizzazz – 3 highly pigmented eyeshadows which I absolutely love. The Peach Fizz is such an amazing shade, with a rosey gold glow. It looks great on it’s on but equally as awesome when blended with Bronze Buzz and Cocoa Pizzazz too. 
The set also comes with a little instruction booklet to show you how to use the products correctly. I absolutely love when products do this, half the time I don’t follow the advice but I do love a pretty picture or two. You can also pull the tray of products out and use the box as a keepsake box. Good idea eh!
*I received this as a gift when I attended the manchester leg of the hello flawless roadshow