Cactus Juice

Its no secret that my favourite section of the supermarket is the ‘World Foods’ one. I love perusing the exotic goods on display and always buy something, whether its because it sounds nice or just because I can’t read the label and its got a pretty picture. Today’s purchase comes in the form of Tymbark Cactus juice.
It’s not just actual cactus juice though, it’s apple and lime flavour too. I know I like apples and I know I like limes. So surely I would like cactus right?
As far I was was aware I thought a cactus was made up of mainly water, so I was expecting just a watered down apple and lime juice. But nooo the taste was fairly similar to apple and lime with some kind of cucumber or less fruity watermelon flavour. It was very refreshing and very nice.
£1.29 from Tesco.