Carina the 3 Eyed Space Kitty

Oh looky looky, another outfit of the day post. Aren’t I getting confident? Hahaha. I jest, still having a minor anxiety – ‘do I post, don’t I post?’ about these types of updates. BUT considering the ultra nice comments on my last outfit post I thought I’d do another one. It’s also helping me to LOOK in my wardrobe and stop wearing the same 3 dresses in rotation all the time. I swear thats why I have so many clothes, I only tend to wear new ones, then as soon as I get something else I only wear that until something else is bought to replace it.
Today we have a pretty standard ensemble, I’ve been at work since yesterday morning at 8am and only just got home (3pm!) Working in a kids home proves to be pretty long hours it seems. Anyway I whipped in and just changed my trousers. I wear jeans for work, which is a new thing to me as I only wore dresses/skirts before. But jeans are more practical for the line of work it is. 
This necklace is my favourite thing in the world EVER. It was from Bay before it closed down and cost something like £2. I bought one for my Japanese friend too before she shot back home over there, she absolutely loved it. The mustard yellow top is from Primark, I almost didn’t buy it because it was £6, I’m pretty cheap you know and that seemed pricey from something from there. Glad I ‘invested’ though as it’s probably my most worn top at the moment. Teamed with a shit green cardigan of course.
 The skirt is from Forever 21, I bought it when I was in London ages ago. Don’t you just adore how I’ve accessorised it with cat hairs? I love the cut of it as it’s an A-Line and really flattering. Soz I didn’t get a proper shot. I have about 5 tarteny skirts, god knows why. I don’t even like tartan that much. Gimme some tweed. 
And any opportunity I can I will show off about my Tara Mcpherson for Swatch watch. I love how it features not only her art but the one and only Carina the 3 eyed Space Kitty. It’s also amazing because of the lovely pastel colours in it, I’m once again, so on trend dahhh-lingzzzz.