Fave this week.... B.right Facial Emulsion

Thought it might be nice to start a new feature on my blog about what product is my current favourite week to week. This week we have Benefit b.right triple performing facial emulsion. I got this as part of the b.right intro set I purchased from a benefit counter for a mere £10. I thought that the Total Moisturiser was my favourite thing in the set, almost overlooking this little beauty. Then I noticed it was oil free and was SPF 15.... I had a go at putting it on before I put my foundation on, as I put 2 and 2 together and realised SPF would be pretty good during the day like. It is the most magical product EVER. I have tried and failed with so many  primers before and lost hope with them, I know this isn't a ''primer'' but using it like one, I have discovered, it's amazing! It smoothes my skin so much and my foundation looks dewy and fresh ALL DAY. I highly recommend it and will definitely be purchasing the full sized product when this runs out. And the price weighs in at a lot cheaper than a majority of primers too. This is £19.50 for full size as opposed to £23.50 for the Porefessional which I can't seem to get a good finish with no matter what technique I use!

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  1. I didn't know what I thought of this range when I seen it at Benefit, I think I feel comfy at my usual Clinique counter and need to stop it! I love the packaging of these though, there arent many reviews out there that I've seen so I may be on my way to becoming open to trying the Benefit skincare.. xxx

    1. See if the intro kit for this range is still available at your local counter, for £10 its sooo worth trying out! The best skin care i've tried for a LONG while.

  2. Oh, this bottle is so cute! I'm such a sucker! I need this in my life. x

  3. I always see this when at the Benefit counter and have wanted to try it but never really did. I am really into skincare at the mo' so might have to add it to my wish list :)


  4. The packaging is so cool! I love it. :)
    xo Smitty

  5. Good idea for a weekly post! The bottle of this is pretty and I think I should try it.

  6. I brought this when it first came out after a make over at the Benefit counter, I had to have whatever she had just put on my face! I brought a full sized one and I still have a little bit left so it has lasted almost a year which isn't half bad!


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