Fave This Week - Tokyomilk Perfume

It's no secret I absolutely love Tokyomilk products (You can follow >This Link< to see my collection so far) I love everything I have, from candles to lip balms. It all smells absolutely amazing. Trouble is it's not the cheapest brand in the world, and the perfumes are no exception (this set me back something around the £30 mark). I treated myself to this so long ago but it's SO PRECIOUS I rarely use it, but this week I have been embracing it's summery scent and wearing it daily.
 The main reason I bought this was because it was Gin and Rosewater. My two favourite things! Luckily it smells as good as it sounds. It's not a sweet fragrance but not a bitter one either, it's so hard to describe it. I must admit also it does make me sneeze when I first spray it on, a bit odd but I can deal with it.
 It also has a really nice citrus undertone to the smell and an almost wood like hint too. Like I said, so hard to describe!
Each bottle is so nicely designed too. I love the apothecary feel to them and the vintage colourings. Each bottle has a different picture at the back too and if I was a rich girl I'd buy them all. I've not yet smelt one which I dislike as they're all such unique scents. You can find the full range in your local John Lewis store. But  I will warn you, Tokyomilk products quickly become an addiction.

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  1. I love Tokyomilk products - I've had one of their hand creams in the past but never tried their perfumes! This sounds deeelicious.


  2. I adore Tokyo Milk. It's so hard to come by. I have two of their perfumes, "Honey and the moon" and "Song in D minor." I'm guilty of spending hours on their site, just looking at the quirky packaging and making wishlists :)


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