Hello Cotton

Just thought I’d write a quick post about the new wonder that is known as http://www.hellocotton.com. For those not in the know, Hello Cotton is a website where you can follow and read blogs all in one place. It’s really quite simple and so easy to navigate. Unlike Blog Lovin’ you can actually see who is following you, which is another great way to discover new blogs to read.
This week I made it onto the first page Popular Users on the website and as you can see the stats on my blog have almost doubled within the first day.
I really love Hello Cotton for the simplicity of the layout, the ease of finding new blogs and the over all design of the website. I also like the fact it doesn’t have any type of blogging pretence going on and let’s new and undiscovered blogs have a fair chance in getting noticed on there! It really is great. If you’re a blogger I suggest you join NOW and even if you don’t and just enjoy reading blogs you can still sign up for a profile to follow your favourites all in one place.
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