Hoarding Diaries – BOOM! Balms

Soz for the title of this post, trying to get a bit of alliteration on the go for this Hoarding Diaries series of posts…. Anyway now we move on to the balms. I actually did clear these out a few months ago as I had so many duplicates (in fact there were 5 Lush lip balms altogether) 
 (can’t really do a l-r but heres what we have – B balm in blip, dermologica renewing lip treatment, tokyo milk iced green tea x 2, tokyo milk let them eat cake, burts bee’s tinted balm x 2, eyeko fat balm x 4, h & m fresh pear and pea, lush snow fairy, l’occitane apricot flower balm, lip smacker easter cake, nivea milk and honet, rose petal salve, phew!)
 I have an unhealthy obsession with TokyoMilk stuff, it’s really quite expensive too so quite a bad habit! My favourite is the newer version of the Iced Green Tea, its a lot more soothing and helps chapped lips more than the old formula. Let them eat cake is quite a sickly fragrance so can only use that now and again because it’s so sweet!
 I have NO idea why I have four Eyeko Fat Balms. They’re really good though as you can use them on your lips and cheeks. They can be a little bit heavy as blusher sometimes so depends which foundation you use for how nice they look/feel.
 As you can see, I have one of each colour and two of the Strawberry one. They smell so good though and the Strawberry has a hint of shimmer. Toffee is a nice natural summer colour and alternative to bronzer and Frosting is a lovely bright pink. Looks really nice on lips but can look a bit too flush on cheeks sometimes.
The winner of the balms battles is definitely the Burt’s Bee’s Tinter Lip Balm. I got it free in a goodie bag at The Look Show a few months ago and never looked back. Another handbag must have at the moment it the L’occitane Apricot Leaf balm as it’s really versatile and can even be used in your hair.
I’ll also add this is a very slimmed down summery of the vast amount of balms I own. I know I have about double this but they’re here, there and everywhere in pockets and bags and such. It’s a sick sick addiction!!
Whats your favourite balm?