Hoarding Diaries - Erratic Eyeshadow

I don't seem to have a lot of eyeshadow in my stacks of make up it seems, but considering I don't actually tend to wear it I shouldn't really have this much. I'm of an age where wearing eyeshadow tends to dry my eye lids out so I stick to a good flick of black liquid eyeliner. It would be a very rare occasion that I'm not wearing eyeliner actually! But anyway here we go, my eyeshadow hoard....
 (l-r urban decay, collection 2000, sleek x 2, urban decay, 17, collection 2000)
If you hadn't guess by now my favourite colour is green, shit green to be exact, hence why the Urban Decay moss coloured shadow is almost gone, it's my favourite colour EVER. And yes the 17 eyeshadow crumbled as I opened it, so is now in the bin.
 I really like the Sleek pots of eye dust. The Vintage is a lovely shitty light green colour and great as a base with the Urban Decay moss one at the out edge of the lids. Like a green smokey eye look perhaps.
 (l-r sleek original, 17 all about nude, 17 peep show, benefit smokin' eyes, no7 purple eye palette)
I also found some palettes, I do recall throwing about 5 palettes away shortly before I moved house so this is a downsized collection. Its amazing that two that I have kept were actually free ones, which shows how great free gifts can be!
 Once again, you can see from the Sleek one that shit green remains a firm favourite for my lids. I haven't even touched the blues. I've had this palette around 3 years now and its such great quality. Really pigmented colours too.
The no7 one I tend to use for nights out, the colour are really shimmery but the purple tones are a really nice contrast to green eyes. The two 17 palettes are really good for day to day wear. I absolutely love the cream blush in the All About Nude palette and the neutral tones in the Peep Show one are really nice shades for a subtle smokey eye effect. And speaking of smokey eyes that Benefit Smokin' Eyes kit only remains in my collection for now because it's new! Not a fan.
Once again apologies for the grottyness of my stash, its all been thrown in together and some of it is years old!  I hope you've liked these little posts about my subliminal hoarding by the way, I have a few more collections of stuff to talk about including hair care but that'll have to be saved until after the weekend :)

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  1. I love seeing your stash posts and all of that incredible green eyeshadow! You've made me want to create some different looks now because I always stick to boring neutrals! x


    1. I always stick to purple or green eye shadow as apparently it compliments green eyes the most! However for the amount I actually use eyeshadow this is a silly amount especially after I've 'cleared' them out a few weeks ago!

  2. Great post!

    I am now following you :)

    Please check out my blog and follow back if you like it:

  3. I love the sleek palette. I use the light pink colour a lot just to add a little bit of detail under my eyeliner. The colour is so great that you only need to use a little bit of it at a time. My palette has lasted me about 4 years! I have a large selection of blue coloured eye shadow for some reason.


    1. The quality of the sleek palette is amazing!! Its really cheap as well.


Thanks for the comment!

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