Hoarding Diaries – Intense Illuminations

The other day on Twitter I was caught saying ”OMGsss CAN’T BELIEVE PPL HAVE SO MANY BLUSHERS THEY CAN CHOOSE A TOP 5” (or something to that effect, obviously with better spelling and grammar) Anyway today I was looking for something I knew I had somewhere amongst my make up and realised, shit man, I’m a massive hypocrite! I discovered loads of products that I have many variations off. So I thought I’d blog about them and go through the hits and misses out of my ”collections”. It may help to prevent other people from making such hoarding faux pas’s?! To start with I’m going to go through my ‘illuminating’ skin care. It’s in the form of primers and moisturisers, all ‘under make up’ stuff basically. 
 (l-r; benefit the porefessional, benefit that gal, soap and glory hocus focus, superdrug vitamin E radiance moisture cream, technic prime it, cetum creme de lite, eyeko cream, mememe seventh heaven {click product name to see previous reviews})
 Apologies for the grottyness of some of these bottles and tubes. They’ve been in the bottom of baskets and bags for god knows how long. You’re probably thinking I don’t actually own that many illuminating products compared to most, but considering it’s not a ‘look’ I want to go for I really don’t know why I keep purchasing things! 
 Some of this stuff is really old too, I remember buying that Eyeko cream when they first started stocking it in Superdrug stores for a fiver.
 I think my favourite from my ‘range’ is the Soap and Glory Hocus Focus. It has a really nice pinkish glow to it, it can seem a little bit runny but just means you only need to use a little bit of it. It seems to stick in place on your face a bit better than illuminating primers tend to, as when I put foundation over some of them it seems like they almost just rub off.
 The idea of Hocus Focus is to reflect the light and minimise the appearance of imperfections on the skin. I have a great deal of imperfections and it seems to help a tiny bit more than other illuminating skin care I have. Overall this wins for consistency, smell and all round goodness.
 As you’ve probably seen reviews everywhere of the other products in my ‘collection’ the only other product I’ll talk about is the Eyeko cream. I’m not sure if they even still make or sell this after the Eyeko revamp (I much prefer the old branding and prices by the way) but it’s quite a good all rounder.
 The consistency is really thick but you can put it all over the face smoothly with a bit more rubbing and create an effect similar to Hocus Focus or mix it up with moisturiser for a more subtle glow. As the formula is quite thick also you can use it as a highlighter on the cheeks or brow bones.
I think the ‘misses’ out of this stuff that I use the least are the mememe seventh heaven and benefit that gal; both of which are meant to be primers and both of which do nothing for me I’m afraid!
What’s your favourite highlighting/illuminating product?? Are you also a secret beauty hoarder?
I’ll be doing more posts similar to this showing my other collections of STUFF. I’m a bit shocked at how much I have!