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There's some really negative reviews of this Joliebox flying around at the moment, I can kind of understand it as people are disgruntled about the fact there are only 4 samples instead of the usual 5 and also Joliebox seems to have 'recycled' the same products from Glossybox and other Beauty Boxes in the past. For example - the eyeko skinny eyeliner was in February's GB and also the Davines Balm was seen recently too. Not a problem for me as I didn't get these products before and was intrigued by the Davines products.
 The other things we got in the box apart from the Eyeliner and hair/skin/body balm was a 200ml tube of Yardley shower gel and a nail varnish, which claimed to be 'full size' but it's more of a half size bottle compared to regular nail varnishes. There was also the added 'bonus' of a handbag mirror. I have an abundance of these already that I always forget to put in my handbag though.
 The Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm for face/hair/body was the first product I got out. It smells really natural, like fresh and herby. It's a really thick creamy like substance. I used this last night on my hair and today it actually feels really soft and fluffy without any frizz. I'm actually quite taken by it. I'm not sure what the magic ingredients are but I like them. It's a generous size tube that should last a while.
I was lucky and got the 'good' colour of nail varnish, a lot of people have been moaning about the colour they got. I love this one, it's a nice greyish pink tone with tiny iridescent blue flecks throughout it. I've got it on now and been wearing it since I got the box and it's not chipped yet. Just a shame it's so small.
 The Yardley luxury body wash is another product that has received a load of negative vibes, people saying they could get it from their Grans house if they wanted such a thing. Well, you probably could. But it seems Yardley are trying to reach out to a younger audience nowadays (with their English Daisy fragrance and everything) So I really do understand why this was included, I have also recently discovered I love the smell of Peony. When it comes to shower gels/body washes though I could take them or leave them. I've never had one that's blown me away and similarly never had one I've been dead disappointed with.
 & finally the Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner, I got the dusky pink colour. Once again I'm not blown away. Although I must say I am impressed with the consistency of the actual product. It's a really easy to use creamy texture. But just not in a colour that wow's me. I never use eyeliners unless they're liquid but I'm sure I'll find a use. And I'll once again point out my dislike for the Eyeko rebrand and doubling of their prices. Still not impressed by that.
 We also received a little magazine in the box. I do love stuff like this. I especially liked how it had a Q & A section with Thérése, who is the one who generally (used to) reply to emails to Boudoir Privé. It's always nice to put a face to a name and learn more about someone who you've have internet conversations with.
Overall not a bad box, but at the same time not an awesome box. I think I'll be cancelling this along with my Glossybox and joining the gym with the money I'll be saving. Once again half of these products will probably end up in TK Maxx soon at a fraction of the RRP (at the moment they have Rituals shower gel gift sets in FYI)... So is the novelty wearing off or are beauty boxes just turning rubbish now? I still can't decide.

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  1. I'm a little late on the Beauty Box bandwagon but I've subscribed to the SheSaysBeautyBox this month and can't wait to find out what little gifts [that I paid for] I get. I will be unsubscribing regardless of how good/bad the box is because I can see that the novelty wears off and I'd rather save my pennies.

    The polish is cute but I don't think I'd be happy with the rest of the contents.

    1. It is a bit of a shame, I was so excited about them when I first gone them, now it's just MEH.

  2. I still get Joliebox, I like the surprise element of it. Feelunique was by far the best box ever, shame they stopped that one xx


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