L’occitane Precious Cream

The other week you may have seen the day I made myself a little bit bankrupt by going mad in the L’occitane outlet at Cheshire Oaks. (If you didn’t then you can see it here) I want to do little reviews on everything I got but haven’t got around to it yet. However, I was so disappointed by the Precious Cream I wanted to blog about it now just to let people know how much it is not suitable to skin of a spotty persuasion!
 The little trial size tube was one of the ‘free gifts’ I got for spending a certain amount in the store. I won’t disclose how much I spent as it makes me shudder each time, but this was free non the less. I was quite excited about trying it after reading the packaging.
 I really fancied trying a new anti ageing moisturiser so have been on the look out for a while now. I think the name of ‘Precious Cream’ really got my hopes up too! I mean it’s PRECIOUS, right?
So there I was, washing my little face with the Red Rice Cleanser I also got from L’occitane (which is wonderful btw) getting my hopes up thinking I was going to wake up with the face of a BABY. But no…. The cream smelt like THE OLD and the result in the morning was a greasy face with about 7 more spots than usual (I tend to get a lovely new one every day lately it seems). Usually I would give a cream a few days or even weeks before passing judgement on it so harshly, but this was just chip pan levels of greasiness and I didn’t even apply that much of the cream (it’s PRECIOUS after all)
So if you’re quite prone to spots, or if it seems you’re not. I wouldn’t be rushing out to purchase this any time soon. Has anyone else use this? What was your verdict?