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Because I'm such a blogging deviant being invited to all these prestigious events and that (scoff) I ordered some of these Facebook cards from Moo... Now before you go thinking I'm getting ahead of myself with this blogging game, I will point out that they were FREE (apart from about 3quid postage and packaging) and I have them for the LULZ of it all. I mean doesn't everyone love having a comedy business card?
I spent hours lol-ing around about them and got 3 designs. One was my old blog header which took AGES to get to the right dimensions to see it all as a cover photo, the other one was a lovely cup of tea and a cupcake and my favourite ever is the Kanye West one.... ''Believe in your flyness, conquer your shyness''. Oh Kanye, you da man. 
 How they work is quite cool, go to and it automatically links up with your facebook account. It uses your cover photo as the main pictures and your profile picture as the little square one (you know, the one where my glorious face is on mine). You can change the information on them such as name, place of work, location etc on the front. I changed all of mine as you can tell.... Then on the reverse they take the first one from your 'favourite quotes' section....
Which once again I had to change for a more appropriate quote... Haha....
The only downside to these cards is that you can't alter the facebook URL on there. As I have Facebook Page I would have preferred to use that one rather than my own personal account, but I couldn't find the option for that, which is a shame! So I'm stuck with a non consistent URL.I also didn't put my phone number on but couldn't change the little phone symbol thingy. Alas though for the cost of postage and packaging they were definitely worth it just for a laugh, I will take them to a few events as people always want to know your blog address don't they! 

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  1. Haha these are absolutley brilliant!!


  2. Haha these are hilarious!


  3. Terri, you can set your own page name on facebook for instance not plugging myself but this is my link which is for my page. If you go to manage on your page then basic information there should be an option to change your page name :) Hope this helps lovely and the cards are brilliant I used them as my MUA business cards x

    1. Yeah I have my own page on there but I couldn't link it with the moo cards, I could only use my actual profile URL if that makes sense, so couldn't find a way to alter that via moo to get it on the cards.

    2. Hmmm Thats very strange! I will see if I can figure it out for you and let you know for when you re-order x

  4. I loved this when you popped it in the parcel with my awesome cat necklace!! :D yayay!

    1. Hahaha, thanks! Thought I'd share the love.


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