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Once again, sorry for the awful quality pictures in this post! My SLR is too big to lug around, especially on these lovely sunny days - so phone pictures it is. Today I went BARE LEGS. Look at them, like two long and boney frozen chickens. I'm so pale but I'm refusing to go on sunbeds ever again, the just make me itchy and make freckles multiply, really not a good look. And fake tan just makes me orange. However, if you have any recommendations of some fake tan for us paler girls give me a shout yo! 
I got this T Shirt the other day from Primark and I love it! It was only a fiver and just the right style I was looking for. The skirt from from an awesome vintage shop called Blue Rinse up near Afflecks in Manchester and I'm wearing some Espedrilles(SP?!) on my feet because I'm like, totally in fashion like that.
Hope you're all enjoying the nice weather! x

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  1. Love the colour combo together!

  2. I love these colors paired together! :) Such a cute skirt too!
    xo Smitty

  3. I have literally just post about fake tan or us paler girls!! Fake Bake is the way forward! Loving the skirt by the way :)

  4. I'm a bit scared to use fake tan but I've started using a Garnier summerbody moisturiser, it's meant to gradually build up a tan every time you moisturise... but I accidentally got the one aimed at darker skin soooo it's a bit of an instant effect haha! x

    1. I need to get some more of that, the garnier one is the best one i've tried!


Thanks for the comment!

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