Look at this glamorous and cute product I’ve discovered… what a lavish packaging design and attractive contemporary illustration and font upon it….. NOOOOTTT. Yes yes another review about something which isn’t exactly a high end or luxurious product but it certainly does the job it’s meant to do! I’ve made no secret about suffering with spots every now and again and have been on the search for a wonder product. So far the best and most effective remedy is Savlon, and believe me I have tried virtually EVERYTHING in the past, but good ol’ Savvers comes up trumps in ridding the soreness over night. Then in steps Nixoderm. Apparently Nixoderm is not made for or for sale commonly in the UK, it’s found in shops in more tropical climates like Asia and South America. I’ve no idea why that is though. Reading review after review people are saying it works well for them, the only downsides been the smell and some say the ‘stinging’ sensation. The second night I applied this I did so quite liberally. It didn’t sting as such on the spots, it was more a cooling kind of thing. I think mainly due to the menthol in it, nothing compared to some stinging sensations I’ve experienced with different products in the past.
 The little tin is comes in looks lethal, like a 70’s chemical product or something. I was a little apprehensive use it at first. But like I said the second night after realising it wouldn’t melt my face off, I applied a thicker layer. The outcome is pretty good. I would say the best remedy I have used so far. Although it did not makes spots disappear, and I know NOTHING can cure or clear spots miraculously over night, it definitely cleared them up dramatically. I’ve had a few persistent ones on my forehead and chin for a few weeks now. Putting the Nixoderm on they have become less red, reduced in size and some have gone in a matter of days.
 Not only is this good for spots but I have also had a flair up of my contact dermatitis on my hands (here’s a hint, ALWAYS wear gloves when messing with resins and chemicals kids) I’ve been using my regular hand creams to no avail, then realised that Nixoderm is for eczema as well. So I’ve put a bit on and it’s immediately less sore and no where near as red!
The product itself is not what I expected when I opened the tin. I thought it would be more of a balm but it’s not, its a really thick cream. I’ve used it for the past week and look how little it has gone down? I expect it’ll last a good while yet! You can pick it up for as little at 15 PENCE(!!!) on Amazon (although I got mine from ebay and it cost around £1.50 including postage) so even if it isn’t effective on your spots or dermatitis it’s no great financial loss!