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First things first, apologies for the awful lighting in these pictures. Spring has sprung and alas mid morning sun plus vertical blinds make for slightly stripy images. Anywayyyy, after the foam that was Live Colour XXL 'Shake it Up' totally, kind of, disappointed me and confused me about how foams were meant to be better for dying your hair with, I decided to try again. This time I've chosen the Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Foam colour, purely because it's currently on offer in Boots for £3.99.
I've not used a nutrisse dye for a while. I'm not sure why this is as generally they are quite good. They smell nice and the red ones do last quite a while.
Standard home colourant jargon about how this will be the best hair dye experience of your LIFE and a colour chart of their predictions of how the colour will do. I have learnt NEVER to trust or go off this and sometimes if you are trying a new dye it is sheer pot luck as to whether or not you get the colour it advertises!
 I went for 6.6 Red. I did notice that the regular dye in the same shade and colour description did vary in the intensity of the red ON THE BOX. But as I mentioned before this is nothing to go by at all. The red did appear a brighter more intense shade on the cream colourant box but alas that wasn't on offer was it.
It's quite a nifty bit of kit that comes with this dye really. It has a 3 step system in which you mix 1 & 2 together in this little pump action foam disperser. I did consider maybe saving the bottle for something afterwards but by the time I'd finished making a mess the chance for being a green recycling warrior had passed.
 One thing I don't get about foam dyes (apart from the LIVE one) is how it is FORBIDDEN to shake them and you have to tip it up and down a few times (I remember doing this with another one I tried but my mind has gone blank as to which one it actually was) Alas I tipped 5 times and the liquids didn't appear to mix together at all... So I tipped it a few more times (about 7) and it mixed a bit better.
 Now here's a picture of my lovely roots to show you  a before shot (you lucky people). The last dye I use was a regular LIVE xxl one but I forgot the shade name/number. Soz.
The foam started off a white colour with a touch of purple developing in it, I did fear it would turn my hair that awkward shade of red which isn't actually red but purple for a while...
....But when I put it on my actual hair it came out more red looking. It was pretty mess free to be honest. The pump dispenser proves a useful tool in foam hair dyes it seems as the LIVE one just went everywhere with the whole having to scoop it out of a pot thing. It didn't drip and  covered my hair almost effortlessly in comparison to cream dyes. The only downside was when doing the little bit my my ear and I just ended up coating it which resulted in a... red ear, would you believe?

Half an hour later I washed it out. It also rinsed out surprisingly well. Red hair dye is a sucker for getting the water to run clear and you can be there for DAYS sometimes. But after about 5 minutes and conditioning I had clear water, huzzah!

 Oh god look at the bags under my EYES. I ARRR ZOMBIEEEE. Rah rah rah..... If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that yesterday I did a 24hour shift at work and was disgruntled and exhausted to say the least. In fact when I was wiping my make up off last night I thought I had smudges of mascara under my eyes but it was actually my skin gone all dark! Luckily that Miraculous Aldi Foundation has evened out my skin tone but alas cannot change anything else wrong with my face! haha. And you'll notice below mah rooootsss.
Overall, for £3.99 and a low expectancy for foam hair dyes, I've got to admit, I'm impressed. The coverage is awesome. The colour is bang on what it says on the box (for me anyway) and my hair feels really silky smooth afterwards. Worth a go if it's on offer! I think the regular price is only £5.99 anyway which isn't a ridiculous amount like some foam hair dyes on the market which I've seen for as much as £12. Give it a whirl I say!

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  1. looks good :) I tried a Herbashine a few weeks back and it DID NOTHING! x

    1. HERBASHINE!! THAT'S THE OTHER I USED!! Yeah this is much better!!

  2. Great colour and your hairs looks shiiiiney!xx

  3. never tried foam dyes, maybe i will after this! great review :)

  4. Try the Superdrug own brand Foam ones if you get chance. I commented before how poor I thought the foam ones were having used a couple of others, then I found the Superdrug ones on offer. I gave it another try and have to say I was impressed, a lot less mess, lovely colour and reasonably long lasting.

    1. The Superdrug normal dyes are pretty good! I always get them if there's nothing else on offer and always been impressed. Didn't realise they did their own foam ones though.

  5. I've been through some hair dyes in my time but I can't say I've tried this one. I've noticed that price of the item really doesn't effect the out come much at all. Foam dyes are great though - really easy to use - I'd recommend the John Freida one if you haven't tried that already.

  6. Great review, I haven't tried this brand before, but I think I will now :)

    Karys x

  7. Looks Gorgeous hun. I just went from Bright intense Red back to my med brown and I miss it already. My hair wasnt holding on to it like it used to and my pillows and coats were getting a red collar no matter how much I washed it:( sara xx

  8. It looks lovely, really rich! I havn't tried the foam dyes yet, currently using Revlon ColourSilk its pretty good too! The worst thing about these kind of hair shades is how much they fade its so annoying!


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