Percy and Reed Finishing Polish

This month in Glamour Magazine they are giving away a selection of ‘hair treats’ from Percy & Reed. Percy and Reed isn’t a brand I have heard of so didn’t really get excited about the free gift, until I noticed the range included a ‘Finishing Polish’. I always use a serum on my hair to tame the frizz caused by damage and lack of visits to the hairdressers, but I noticed my Aussie one can leave my hair looking so greasy even when freshly washed if I put too much in, so I thought this would be a similar type of product by the description (serum that is, not grease ball producer)
 I really like the simplicity of the packaging and illustration. It’s cute and contemporary without being cheesy.
 It’s a full 100ml size too which is great.
When I read the back of the tube I realised that it wasn’t going to be a serum like substance I expected but still from the sounds of it should do what I wanted; tame my frizz and fly aways. The product itself is a sticky cream-gel type of goo. It smells quite good, it reminds me a of those fruit salad sweets I used to have when I was little. I thought it would really weigh my hair down and look greasy BUT it didn’t! Huzzah! I’ve only dared to use a small amount as of yet but I will try a few ‘up do’s’ with this to see how it fares… I imagine very well.
You can bag yours for free in this months Glamour Magazine which costs a mere £2. They also have shampoo, conditioner and a conditioning mask in (kind of wish I’d gone for the mask!)