Teal and Mustard

I’ve been meaning to do some ‘outfit’ posts for a while but wanted to wait until I could find a place in the house to take some consistent pictures. It gets me when I see fashion bloggers who manage to find a completely blank/clutter free space in their home to take outfit pictures, living like that is beyond me haha. So today I’ve made the best of a bad situation and gone by the french doors. Not the best lighting but hey ho.
 Every time I wear this cardigan I get compliments on it, I’m not sure why because I think it’s just ‘alright’ It was a mega impulse buy from New Look a few weeks ago, I liked the colour but they only had large, I’m a small but bought it anyway. I love how slouchy it is, it’s the style I have been after for ages but never even thought to just buy the cardigan in a bigger size.
The dress and belt were both from Primark. I love the colour of both!
I’m not sure if I’ll continue to do outfit posts or not, I always fear I look stupid or too ‘serious’ in the pictures. I guess that’d just bloggers anxiety kicking in.