That's Culotte

No, no, it's not my entry for a Butlin's Nobbly Knee's Competition.... It's my outfit of the day! Yesterday I got these awesome Culottes from Matalan for £6, yes £6!!! I don't usually dare to wear such things, my combination of little boys legs and lack of tan prevent me from getting me pegs out during the summer months. But this year I'm determined to be limbs a go-go and screw it if the world can't handle my paleness! (I say all this now, but so far I've only ventured into the garden wearing them)
 You'll recognise the T Shirt from the other day, I bought it last week from Primark for £5 and I literally can't get enough of it! It's my favourite colour, lightweight for summer and the loose fit is lovely.
 I'm also wearing my espadrilles again. I got these from New Look on offer as 2 for £10 for work, but they're SO comfy and perfect for summer I've not had them off my feet.
 And I've continued venturing to style pastures new with this amazing bracelet courtesy of Trash and Trinkets. I absolutely love the colour of the cross and it's quickly become a favourite to wear on my wrist, I never wear bracelets so it was such a pleasant surprise how pretty this was. Seriously check them out!
And here's mahhhh face. My Betsy Johnson sunglasses are my all time summer favourite, I have these in two colours - green and purple. I feel like a little froggy in the green ones, I like it! I got them from TK Maxx and I have spied some brown ones in this year, I might have to add them to my collection.

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  1. You look lovely and your knees are perfect! Really cute outfit! Love the culottes!


  2. Aww I have awful knobbly knees and pale legs but I just go with it haha! Occasionally I fake tan but it's too much effort!!

  3. Sweet blog! I found you through a tweet about Hellocotton xD

  4. Such a cute outfit! :) I love the sunglasses!
    xo Smitty

  5. you look lovely! the sunglasses are so pretty. x

  6. Looks like a great outfit from the great weather we've been having.


Thanks for the comment!

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