Who Killed Laura Palmer

Every time I wear tweed I like to think I'm an extra from Twin Peaks. Hence the title for this post. I think tweed is my favourite material ever, it always has been! God knows where this comes from. I just love it. I bought this jacket off eBay at least a year ago and never ever worn it out of the house, it's quite an expensive horse riding jacket, but I've only ridden a horse once when I was kid and almost fell off through literally almost pissing myself laughing. I ended up paying around £5 for it completed with postage and packaging. I feel I need to start wearing it out of the house now, just to get my 5 quids worth!
Once again I'm sneaking in some mustard. My love affair with mustard is very strong as you can tell. This belt was the best £2 I ever spent in Primark I tell thee.
Close up of the colours together and look at the lovely detailing on my lovely jacket. Isn't is splendid?
I'm also wearing my favourite watch in the world today, I've toned down my watch obsession of late (I own about 10) But this is my most worn and most adored one from Fossil.
Do you watch Twin Peaks? Who is your favourite character? Actually, if it's not Agent Dale Cooper I don't wanna know!

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  1. Such a gorgeous jacket, and a bargain! I love the colour combination you have going on here also, great post!


  2. That is a gorgeous outfit! What a find with the jacket - where would we be without Ebay? I'm getting a bit of a watch obsession at the moment, as well.. Rose gold boyfriend watch is my current companion.


    1. You can never have enough watches !

  3. One day my log will have something to say about this. X

  4. WORD! I wish I had the guts to go full-on Audrey Horne. Just for one day.

  5. Love the jacket! Am a fellow tweed fan :)

    Karys x


  6. I love Twin Peaks!
    My favourite characters are, Lucy, Deputy Andy and log lady! Oh and of course Agent Cooper!

  7. I am a massive fan of tweed! I wanted to steal my mums horse riding jacket but it's too big :( catch my blog at alittlebitofglossip.blogspot.com xxx

  8. I loved twin peaks,even read Laura Palmers secret diary. I even watched it again when it was on the horror channel. My favourite was Agent Cooper and he is still good looking now.

  9. Maybe a little late, but what is that watches name, I cannot find it. Thank you.


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