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Another Aldi discovery I have found through reading Milk Bubble Tea's blog - Miracle Oil. If you think the bottle looks familiar then it's because it's a blatant dupe of the increasingly popular Moroccan Oil that every girl and her dog has been harping on about for a few months now. The main difference between the two products is the price. The cost of this was a mere £3.99 whereas Moroccan Oil costs as much as £30.
The ingredients list is slightly shorter than the original Moroccan Oil. I also wonder why so many hair products contain Citric Acid, I was under the impression that things like this lightened the hair when in the sun? I could be completely wrong but it would explain a lot when hair dyes fade quite quickly. If anyone can confirm this that'd be great!
There's a detailed description of what the product does on the back of the box. I was a bit dubious when I read that it claims to leave no oily residue, I was wondering how that would work when it's an oil. And in the past I have used pure Argan Oil which was terrible for leaving a greasy feeling to the hair if you used even the slightest touch too much.
Now I've not used the 'real' Moroccan Oil to compare this with but what I will tell you is that this is DEFINITELY worth £3.99. I think spending £30 on a hair product would leave such a bitter taste in my mouth that even if it did work amazingly I still wouldn't enjoy the results. But this, this I can deal with. It was right too, it leaves NO oily residue at all. It costs £2 more than the Denise McAdam Mircale Repair I reviewed last week and I would say it's worth every penny more. The Denise McAdam Miracle Repair is more of a serum and it's very easy to accidentally use too much. But with Aldi's Miracle Oil I have purposely used what is technically known as a 'shit load' on my hair and it still looks absolutely fine! I've got it on now as a pre wash treatment and I can hardly even tell I've got it in my hair. Have you discovered this cheaper alternative? What was your opinion on it? I'll also add that if you are going to purchase this BE QUICK. The store I got it from was in the sleepy town of Kidsgrove where people around there don't really know about this type of thing, there was about 10 empty boxes and 3 bottles left! It also wasn't with the regular make up products but in the metal stand things in the middle of the store. Happy hunting!

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  1. Saw they were selling this a few weeks ago but aldi seemed to have supply issues and my store didn't have any. Gutted :(

    1. i cant find any either, absolutely gutted.

  2. Thank you for sharing! Love Aldi products, think their pen concealer is amazing, so are the face creams... will defo check out if the sell this one in Dublin!
    x Marina

  3. hello ,

    Nice review, but if you look at the product composition, there is not much argan oil in it. No wonder the price is so low...because the quality of this "miracle" oil is very poor. Thanks for sharing it though!

  4. I've been looking for this but haven't been able to get hold of any yet x

  5. Ooh, exciting! I live in Germany but I am definitely going to see if my local Aldi has this!

  6. The use of your "technical term" made my laugh so much! I've not got an Aldi near me but if I happen to be near one soon I will definitely be going on a hunt for this!

  7. Need a trip to aldi on monday then!!

  8. Thanks for sharing the project.

  9. I've searched high and low for this, but can't get it! Boo Aldi!


  10. im going to try and bag myself some of this :) xxx

  11. omg! this is so good! i must try and find it! thanks! x

  12. Haha I've only just caught up on this post and I laughed out loud at your 'shit load' of products comment. If there is a hope in hell of finding any of this I shall, I haven't bought any of these oil things but for £3.99 I will!


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