Another Pastel Dress

I have acquired quite a collection of pastel dresses lately. Like, about 10. This is the latest one. It's from Dahlia, which is a brand I really really like. Their dresses are so cute and quirky and as soon as I clocked eyes on this one, I knew it was meant to be.
 I absolutely love the collar and buttons on this, and better still it was £20 reduced from £59. How good is that? It's a light chiffon material with a pleated skirt.
 I teamed it with this 'Soundgirl' Cardigan I got about 6 years ago from TK Maxx, I always forget I own this cardigan but every time I rediscover it I remember how much I like it!
 It has the cutest buttons on it ever, which are little pink hearts. I thought I'd caught them in that picture but it appears not, sorry!
I also love my little brogue boots, I've been wearing them non stop for the past 6 months. So much so the bottoms of them have gone completely smooth and are now really slippy when I go into shops! I got them from New Look about a year ago in the sale for £7. Bargains galore.

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  1. The dress is beautiful! I like the colour and the style is very flattering.

    1. I need to curb my addiction to dresses this colour!

  2. That is a gorgeous colour! I cannot wait to lose a little bit of weight so I can buy my summer [] wardrobe.

    1. Lose weight? What you talking about?! You're probably smaller than me!

  3. That dress is beautiful! xo

  4. Really pretty dress! I love those brogue boots, sometimes I wish that I would have bought two pairs of shoes that I love that are bargains!

    joanne from


Thanks for the comment!

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