I’ve now successfully embraced my new dip dyed hair, but I was hoping the result would be a bit more orange than yellow and it’s definitely destroyed the ends of my hair! I’ve been using my ‘Dark and Lovely’ conditioner religiously but it still needs something more.
 I then remembered about my beloved Directions semi permanent conditioning hair colour. I’ve used this for years and years (even through my nu-metal stage when my hair was anything from green to pink, rock n’ roll eh) for the past few years I’ve stuck to Pillar-box Red though as it’s the exact colour I like in my hair. I then remembered the hairdresser confirming my love for the stuff when she recommended leaving it on for as long as possible as not only does it colour but it conditions the hair no end.
 It can end up being a pretty messy rigmarole if you’re not used to using it. And even though I’ve used it for years I still have to be extra careful not to make as mess as it stains like a motherbitch. Always make sure you wear gloves!! Having bright orange hands for 2 weeks isn’t an attractive look.
 I left it on for around an hour altogether and also refreshed the lengths and roots with the pillar-box red. It’s made the ends of hair a lot less dryer than before (although I know they’re still very damaged and brittle) and overall the condition appears a lot better than before I used it! I will be ‘topping’ it up with this every other week as the colour fades.
You can get Directions dye from quite a few places… Mainly alternative shops like Rowfers or if you go on eBay you can get it too. Expect to pay up to £4 a pot. I really recommend it if you have red hair that needs a bit of a boost between colouring or if you have particularly dry coloured hair, and the colour range is pretty good too!