The Body Shop Beautifying Oil

I was pretty intrigued when I spotted that The Body Shop were releasing a new 'Beautifying Oil' which could be used on the hair, skin and face. I do enjoy the odd thing from The Body Shop (namely their coconut scented antibacterial hand gel) but I can't claim to be a massive fan or anything so hadn't formed an opinion either way before I tried this.
 It's recommended retail price is £9.99.... Or I think it's £9.99, even though I bought this online I just had a look to double check that price and I cannot find it anywhere on the website! However, I paid around £4.49 for it as I found a few discount codes and it was a certain percentage off as an introductory offer. Sorry I can't share the love by sharing the link though!
 So, you can use it in a few ways as mentioned. I've tried it on my hair and like many oil products you have to be SO careful not to use too much. A little goes a very long way, I ended up looking like I'd worked a shift in a chip shop after the first use. Alas all is not lost though, as I applied even more and left it on for a hour or two before washing. The result was pretty darn good! I didn't use it again post wash though. For the skin it's pretty average I'd say. It didn't blow me away yet it didn't completely suck. The smell is quite nice but not like the other cocoa butter products in The Body Shop; it's way more floral than that. Overall a nice all round product for the price I paid but I very much doubt I would reinvest or pay the RRP to have it again.

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  1. I'm not too sure if I'll invest in one of these when they properly are released - anything more floral means that I'll sneeze hax

  2. I love body oils! I might try this out if I can get it at a good price near me! Thanks for the review :)


  3. really love the body shop but this isnt much of a big thing that would really impress me tbh?

  4. Hello, you were a follower of my blog Teenage Kicks but I changed the name to Apples and Blush, and have just been told that people need to refollow my blog! Please refollow if you're still interested, thank you!

    Emily xx

  5. ooh i can't wait to try this looks great

  6. I've read about this and keen to try x

  7. Hey can you list the ingredients please?


  8. I was pondering purchasing the Chocomania one of this, but it looks like it's not much better than a bog standard plain oil like coconut, argan or even olive oil, which would do the same thing. £9.99 seems steep for a product that is essentially scented olive oil.


Thanks for the comment!

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