Casual Saturday

Today I have mostly been suffering with a hangover. Last night I went to my 'local' club The Sugarmill. When I say 'local' I actually mean the only place I will actually go on a night out in Stoke on Trent. I had one too many gins and woke up with the remainders of a cheese burger in my bed. I think it was an OK night. I wanted to kick around in something comfy today whilst I cured myself with lashings of full fat coke and several servings of chips.
 I got this skirt and my shoes from Forever 21, the skirt was only £10 and it's amazing. It has pockets which is always my favourite feature of any garment and it's fully lined. It's quite a strange material - like nothing else I own. I like it also because it can be dressed up or down. I would easily be able to wear a blouse with this for a smart look. The shoes were £2.50 and are slowly becoming my favourite ones for bumming around in.
The T Shirt I picked up for £5 in one of those weird little non branded shops that are appearing everywhere. I don't know how to describe them, if you've been in Shout in Manchester it's that type of shop I'm talking about. They always sell things that I've seen on BooHoo but for a fraction of the price. Shout for example hardly ever has anything in for over £20, I've got so many dresses from there!
I like the cut of this T Shirt and the faded style of print featuring that blogging bunny Fifi Lapin. It's so cute and goes with skirts and trousers. It's nice yahhh. And I'm also wearing my favourite cardigan yet again from New Look. How have you spent your Saturday? Hopefully not feeling as rough as I have done!

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  1. I love your entire outfit - especially the skirt, I really need to go to a f21, badly! x

    1. Thank you! Oh yes you must go! It's very confusing and can give you a headache at first but it's worth digging through the massive amounts of stuff they sell to find the perfect things!

  2. Aw the colour of this skirt is beautiful. SO blue.

    I too am a F21 virign, I am going to line browse now.

    Following. Check out my blog if you like :)

  3. Ahhh The Sugar Mill...such fond memories of androgynous emo kids and sticky floors <3

  4. What a cute outfit!!
    I love where you've taken your photos too, i'm really struggling to find somewhere decent in my house :\
    x x x

  5. The skirt is so ptetty.You looks so beautiful.

  6. I love the t-shirt print, so cute! x

  7. I nearly bought that skirt about 2 weeks ago. Looks nice on you.


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