A Celebration of Great Britain

Next have been playing a pretty big role in the outfitting of both the Athletes and Technical Officials for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games, so I was chuffed to be contacted about taking part in their 'I'm Supporting' campaign. Basically Next have contacted a few bloggers and sent them a limited edition Olympics or Paralympics scarf; giving them the opportunity to style it up. All the profits from the sales of these scarves gets donated directly to the British Olympic Association too - bazinga. 
I was pretty blown away by the lovely packaging Next sent the scarf in. The package has been sitting at the post depot for the Easter Weekend so I only got the chance to pick it up today.
 Inside there was a pristinely packaged scarf complete with a booklet showing the entire Olympics/Paralympics games merchandise that Next will be stocking for the occasion.
 My favourite items from the range were from the homeware collections, the bunting pillow is awesome....
 ...And those drawers and that bird house would look mint in my room.
 I got the Paralympics scarf as opposed to the Olympics one. This is the smaller of the two designs, which although is nice I was hoping for the Olympics one! I had a great idea for a bigger scarf! Alas, this scarf is 50cm by 50cm. I must admit, I've never actually worn or owned a scarf like this before either. 
 In both attempts I went a bit retro. The first rolling the scarf up and using it as a headband. I've never even tried this 'look' before, but I actually quite liked it! 
And secondly I tried it around my neck, I didn't want it too tight so was going for a more necklacey type look and length. I really like having a bit of a challenge and although before I received the scarf I was expecting the larger on and had a few good idea's with that, I am still pleased with this little outcome. I'll be rocking the rolled up scarf like there's no tomorrow. I feel a bit like a Housewife from World War 2 when I'm wearing it! I know these two looks aren't strictly original so I'll be brainstorming for more ways to wear it so keep a look out.
You can find more information and products by following :This Link: The scarf featured retails at £5 and the larger one at £10. Also if you fancy entering a prize draw with your newly acquired scarf you can enter here: http://www.next.co.uk/scarf/. The whole range is really affordable and they even have Geri Halliwell in a few union jack dresses 90's style.

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  1. That is too funky! Go Team Britain! The Olympics hasn't caused that much of a stir yet so I'm hoping that little things like this will get everyone a bit more hyped up!


  2. I love the necklace-type way! Definitely getting much more excited for the Olympics now.


Thanks for the comment!

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