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So, after the whole Lush Saga this week, I bet you're looking for an awesome replacement for all your finest handmade, natural and animal friendly bath bombs and smelly stuff huh? Well pop pickers, look no further than Bomb Cosmetics. I discovered Bomb a while back and instantly loved their bath blasters and creamers. As my house mate quoted, one of the bath creamers I'd given to her was like 'bathing in yacks milk'... Probably not the best analogy, but you catch my drift; high quality, lovely smelling, skin softening, pampering goodness. After speaking to the ever so friendly Bomb-ers they have kindly donated their amazing Vintage Velvet Gift Set just so I can give it away and share the Bomb Cosmetics love! You seriously need some Bomb in your life.

So, the closing date shall be 12pm on the 8th May. 

Terms and Conditions are pretty standard. Open to UK residents only, over the age of 16. 
There can be multiple entries as follows;

Follow this blog on GFC and leave a comment saying what product you would choose if you could from the Bomb website + 1 entry
Follow @BombCosmetics on Twitter + 1 entry
Follow @hello_terrilowe on Twitter + 1 entry
Tweet about the competition tagging both @BombCosmetics and @hello_terrilowe + 1 entry
In total a person can enter 4 times and the winner drawn at random and announced on the 9th of May. Also make sure you leave a way I can contact you after the winner is announced (e-mail/blog link/twitter)! 

Also this competition is open to EVERYONE. My comments are set so 'anonymous' people are allowed to comment, although if you enter, probably best not to be anonymous so I can contact you about if you win!
Good luck guys!!

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  1. I'm already following on GFC and I would choose the Lime blossom and lavender bath brulee - it almost looks good enough to eat!

    I'm following both on twitter and here's the link to my tweet about the comp:!/emmerliejayblog/status/196205162753298432

    So I think that's four entries! Thanks for this giveaway it's lovely :)
    email: x

  2. I already follow you and BombCosmetics on twitter and your blog on GFC. I just tweet about the giveaway to '@Hello_TerriLowe @BombCosmetics win some lovely bath goodies!!'

    my twitter is @abitofglossip
    email is:

  3. Following you with gfc, twitter and bomb cosmetics on twitter: zoebxo
    I'd choose the cranberry and lime bath blaster because it sounds amazing! xx

  4. oh I would also choose the Dark Hearth Bath Blaster!

  5. I wold choose the candy box soap because it looks so unique and different!
    I follow you with GFC, Twitter and The Bomb Cosmetics on twitter
    I tweeted:!/islaay_x/status/196211790240153601
    My email is

  6. Hiya, I follow on GFC and on twitter via @button_moon88

    I would choose the Flower Moon Bath Creamer!

    Here's a link to my comp tweet:!/button_moon88/status/196212186236993536

    ta xx

  7. I follow on GFC-Abi Tottenham-Smith, and I would choose all of the Bath Brulee's, they look gorgeous! Love the cupcake shaped ones! xxxx

  8. gorgeous giveaway!
    I follow on GFC
    I'd choose rose bath creamer x

  9. I already follow on GFC!
    I'd choose the Raspberry Blower Shower Butter!

    I follow both on Twitter & Tweeted too!

    Great giveaway

  10. I'd choose the 'Summer of Love Bath Blaster' Its so cute :)

    Following Via GFC,

    Twitter @lauramorrall.
    I am already following you, and am now following bomb cosmetics too.

    Contact email:

    Thank you xx

  11. This set looks so cute :3
    I’d choose a candle, because I have a thing for them at the moment!
    Blog link :

  12. I would choose the cranberry and lime bath blaster because it sounds so lovely! Even better because I am getting a new bath and have been stuck to showers since september!!
    GFC; RedBobGirl

  13. I'd pick one of the lip balms cus all the flavours sound like they'd taste nice haha.
    I follow you and bomb on twitter (@alexxxemm) and I follow your blog on GFC.

  14. I follow via GFC Courtzz and I'd love to try their bath creamers xx

  15. Great Giveaway! I follow you on GFC and You and Bomb on Twitter, I also tweeted about it! I would pick the dreamscape bath tulip because I love Lavender and Shea Butter.



  16. Thanks for giveaway.
    I'd like to try their candles too...
    GFC Alex

  17. Wow bomb cosmetics looks great, better than Lush! I'd love to try the creme brûlée bath melt although I'd probably try and drink the water lol.
    Gfc- dragon mommy
    Twitter- @Dragon_Mommy

    Holli x

  18. Following both on Twitter @vickihigham
    The website seems to be down though :(

  19. I would love to try something from this brand, their products look so good! Would love to try the Creme Brulee bath melt, sounds amazing!

    Following both on Twitter: @beautywolfgirl
    GFC: Evelyn
    Email: katiechainsaw(at)gmail(dot)com

  20. Being a lover of candles i would have to say that the Arabian Nights tinned candle looks amazing.
    Following with GFC as Becky
    Following both on twitter as @beckysMABBlogs and tweeted!/BeckysMABBlogs/status/196655137601748993

    Becky’s Makeup and Beauty

  21. These are gorgeous! I'd love to try one of their candles, no idea which though! And soap... and bomb... ahh too many to choose from!

  22. Lovely giveaway, I am already a GFC follower (as Karys M) and already follow you and Bomb Cosmetics on twitter also...andddd I tweeted about it!!/Eeliverse/status/196998960693514241
    As for the products, they all look wonderful, but I am intrigued by the bath mallows!

    Karys xxx

  23. I follow you and Bomb Cosmetics on Twitter and GFC. They look amazing, the bath melts the best but I love them all! :-)

    Twitter - Miss_PaulaB


  24. Hi, I follow you & Bomb Cosmetics. Fabulous competition and lush prizes, A way to a womans heart'

    Twitter User Name: Samantha__71


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