Double Bargain Hunt

Today I have TWO Bargains to share with you. The first is this Buffing Brush from Poundland. And you guessed it, it cost A POUND.
 I don't know who Studio 35 are, but that's who makes it. It seems a pretty legit quality for something in Poundland really and probably wouldn't look too out of place in Boots or Superdrug.
 The brush itself is probably a little large for what I would use it for but it does apply your blusher like a dream and blends it perfectly. The bristles are pretty nice quality and only about 3 shed from it the first time I used it and non since.
  Definitely recommended if you're a make up brush newbie like me and just want to try them out of intrigue.
 .....The second bargain was this Lipstick from Bodycare. For some reason I am going through a massive obsession with bright pink lipstick?!
 The packaging wouldn't stand out in a 80's make up bag and boarders on slightly more cheesy than glamorous. But it's what is on the inside that counts....
 And on the inside we have a bright pink creamy lipstick, which I like! It has slightly lilac undertones when on but still very very pink. It lasted a good 3 hours before I needed to apply it again and it still left a pink hue when it rubbed off. And how much did it cost??..... 99p! Bargain.

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  1. Definitely going to be picking up that brush on Wednesday! Thanks for posting about it too, I now know what I'm looking for!x

  2. oh god oh god! i need to try this brush! that lipstick also looks beautiful :) such a lovely shade. i know what you mean, i'm also going through a neon pink phase! amazing.

  3. Love your bargain posts :) and it shows you can get things not just from the High Street stuff, but in your bargain shops too.

  4. I really wish there was a Poundland near me! That brush looks awesome for a pound! xx

  5. Wow, Might have to have a look in poundland. I've glanced at their makeup before and noticed stuff like Revlon before in there!


  6. They have that brand of brushes in Walmart here in the US. They're pretty good for the price, I own a few but mine have all broke at the handle/brush area. :( I do love their softness though!
    <3 Amber

  7. why is your poundland so good? the one where i live is rubbish!

  8. Wow what a bargain1 I would never of thought to look in PoundLand for beauty products. And the brush does look pretty good quality. The shade of your lipstick looks amazing too! thanks for sharing :D



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