This is a very picture heavy post, I do apologise in advance. Basically I was mooching around Tesco earlier, eyeing up the easter eggs and they were all SO LAME. Like seriously, if I see another Wispa easter egg I will implode. So I noticed they'd reduced some of the seasonal easter line including this silicone egg mould to 97p.
 I stocked up on some goodies to make some eggs with a bit of a difference that wouldn't cost a heap! I know I went for a lot the cheap shitty chocolate BUT I wasn't too sure if my idea would actually work and didn't want to waste the precious Yorkies! Plus easter eggs are generally not made of the chocolate they come with in the box. Which sucks when you think about it. I got some scrummy yoghurt covered fruit too for good measure.
 I had all my goodness to make the eggy wegs but what could I put them in? WHAT?? Good job I'm a bit savvy and spotted these bowls and cups too, the bowls were 75p and the cup 90p, bargain or what?
 I also planned on making some of my lovely CATTTTTSSS again using my mould from Muji. So I picked up some of the cutest little gift bags too which cost 33 pence each.
 So I started off by putting the goodness in the egg moulds. I found a load more stuff in the cupboard that would go nicely too, so these are a selection of chopped up Fudge, Lemon biscuits, Honeycomb and Preserved Ginger (yeah we have a lot of shit in our cupboards that never gets eaten!) 
 I melted the chocolate in the way pro's do (a saucepan of water with a glass bowl above) and poured it in. The problem I found was that obviously all the chocolate rested at the bottom. So I poured cold water into a baking tray and rested the mould in there. When the chocolate began to get a bit thicker I smoothed it up the sides with a spoon.
 I'm sure you don't need a refresher of how I made the Chocolate Kitties but here's a picture of them anyway. I'm such a mucky pup when it comes to getting this chocolate into the moulds.
 It took approximately the length of Desperate Housewife's for the chocolate to set. 
 I was actually surprised the came out of the mould in one piece! I stuck the sides together by using a bit of the melted chocolate that was left over.
 And then I left them in the mould in the cold water for a bit longer to set properly.
 Obviously the chocolate kitties came out a massive success cuz I'm a professional at making them now! I packed them in these little brown bags I bought ages ago when I was selling my craft work. They come in endlessly handy for all kinds of stuff.
 I then placed them in the bowls and tied a little bit of ribbon around the tops. I have to say I'm dead impressed with them!! Proper tooting my own flute about them all day. I almost don't want to give them away.
 I did the same kind of thing for the mug but the egg fitted in there well so that's where it went.
 I'm starting to really regret not buying more cups and bowls, but I have more than enough supplies left over to make another batch.
 I packed the other egg and the remainder of the kitties in the little gift bags, which are so cute!
Altogether this cost me about £9 for EVERYTHING (apart from the cat mould I already had) I think it's a bit of a better idea than buying a branded egg that's nothing special for about a fiver a go. And also the mould will come in handy next year too. What do you think? Have you made anything by hand this easter to give as a present? Leave the link below! 

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  1. Fantastic idea... I really want to do this!

    I need these in my life.
    Make them for me, I'll make you Oreo cupcakes in return!
    Look, they're nice! http://eightforawish.com/2012/04/03/recipe-devons-awesome-oreo-cupcakes/
    I need those kitties :(
    Devon x

  3. Love them! They look delicious :)

    Happy Easter Terri xxx

  4. That is absolutely wonderful, they look utterly delicious.

  5. Wow, you've made your own Easter eggs! They look fantastic :) x

  6. Well impressed !!

  7. Wow that's really cool - I love the chocolate kitties! :-D



  8. ahh these are so cute and such a good idea! I will be making these!

  9. Aww this is a great idea and your eggs look amazing xx

  10. Great idea and so much nicer than receiving generic branded eggs!

  11. What a lovely idea for Easter presents!!!
    I love doing gifts and their packagings with my hands, it gives a particular sense to the gift!
    Have a happy Easter ^-^


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