Fave This Week – Baby Bottom Butter!

Sorry guys, I’ve not suddenly sloshed a sprog out over night so don’t get too excited that this post is all about a product for babies! I simply have sunburn/dermatitis/some dry skin and a tattoo that has reacted to the sun a bit and Waitrose’s Baby Bottom Butter has been my life saver this week!!
 I first read about Baby Bottom Butter a few years ago, in fact; over 5 years ago! When it came out it was being praised on mother and baby forums as being the budget answer to Creme de la Mere (?!) and was sold out for MONTHS, it was literally flying off the shelves as soon as it was being unpacked. I finally got my mitts on some about a year later and meh, it was ok…. I tried it on my face but it was way too greasy for my skin, and the product itself at the time was really hard, like a balm. I couldn’t get it out of the tub very well at all, I think this first pot must have been a bad batch though. I purchased it again a few months ago and the formula seems completely different! It’s actually a lot more like butter and really easy to get out.
 As you can see the ingredients are quite minimal. This is what gave me the idea to use it on my itchy/sore skin, caused by the sun mainly this week – I swear I’m allergic to it?! Ever since we had that mini heat wave my legs have been itching off and one of my tattoo’s has bumped up something rotten (this happened the other year on another one so I’m not worried, it’s the first time this one has seen the sun) Anyway. I was at a loss, I had no products in the house that I thought would work and not irritate it, then I remembered this.
Alas it’s been great, every time I’ve felt an urge to itch I just stick this on instead. A little goes a long way and it’s making my skin so smooth. It’s soothing and smells so goooood. It costs around £3.50 I think and is so gentle yet effective it’s worth every penny. I imagine it would be really good on the face if you had really dry skin, but as mine is prone to spots it’s a little too heavy for that. Have you tried this? What do you think?