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I nipped into Claires Accessories earlier because I had a hankering for some new nail colours. I only really shop in the outlet's of Claires as you get 30% off the RRP and they stock the exact same lines as the high street versions of the chain. When looking I noticed they're now selling their own version of the Magnetic Nail Varnishes which are new on the block lately.
 To be honest, the magnetic polishes don't appeal to me whatsoever, I think they're going to be another short fad just like the crackle varnishes which are now dissolving in the trend archive quicker than an ice cube on a sunny day. But this was £6 with 30% off so I ended up paying 4poundsomething in the end.
 I thought it was quite nifty how the magnet came off the actual varnish lid, I've not really looked at any before to see if this is across the board, but I thought it was a good idea anyway. Alas, that is where the niftyness ends. I did what the instructions said and applied a 'generous' layer, leaving the magnet above for 10 seconds.....
 As you can see the result is pretty errrrmmmm..... shit. What a mess. Did I do something wrong? I couldn't be bothered to reapply to find out, so I swiftly removed the varnish.... which left me with stained green zombie fingers. Needless to say, this was a bit annoying too.
 Luckily I also bought this cute little set of mini matte nail varnishes. I chose this purely for the green shade, isn't it amazing?!!? It said £7 on the label but once again I paid £4 off with the discount.
 I was much more impressed with these! They're wonderful. I actually couldn't decide which colour to put on first as they were all pretty nice. Even the yellow which is a nail colour I simply despise looks nice on. 
Even with the remnants of the green on my fingers they look fine. So Claires, as much as you have disappointed me with that awful magnetic excuse for nail varnish, you have wow-ed me with these little matte ones. Such a bargain, such a nice array of vivid colours. As for longevity I've literally only just applied them so cannot comment, but usually matte nail varnishes don't tend to chip they kind of wear away at the end (if you've tried them you might get what I mean there) There's also a clear matte top coat in the pack to make any varnishes matte. The pigmentation of the colour is also spot on and the nails were pretty much saturated with one coat but I added another for good measure.... In conclusion; 'Me Likey.'

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  1. ahh those matte ones are so pretty! I don't really get magnetic nail varnish, I bought one but I gave it to my little sister because I didn't like the effect :L

  2. Eugh about that first polish! My friend once used BarryM's Spring Green without a base coat and ended up with fluorescent yellow nails for months euck! The matte polishes do look gorgeous x

  3. the matte polishes are soo nice! x

  4. Ooh I've never seen coloured matte polishes before, only the top coat. I like them a lot.
    I bought the Mellow Yellow Maxfactor Mini polish this morning, put it on and it was utterly grim. It was so streaky it took 3 coats to get a solid colour but by then it was all gloopy and gross so I took it straight off. Bastards.

  5. The matte ones are gorgeous! I hate it when you get stained fingers from removing nail polish. There is a red OPI one that does that to me all the time!!

  6. Thats a pity the magnetic didn't work as the colour is beautiful. But the matt colours are so pretty!

  7. oh i'm definitely going to see if I can grab those matte ones!
    As for the magnetic polish, I don't like this craze either!

  8. I love the matte polishes! If you want to give magnetic a second chance though, the boots 17 ones are good and about £4 each :) xx

  9. GAHHH I LOVE THE MATT POLISHES!!!! *runs out to Claires*

  10. i had no idea Claire's sold nail varnishes, I totally need to pick up those matte ones they are perfect for summer!

  11. I love the colours - It's totally irrational but matt nail polishes make a me cringe a little bit, you know like chewing a jumper, weird I know... Colours are amazing :)

  12. Hi Terri!

    Loving the colours... very summery and they look like Skittles!

    Terri x

    1. I was literally just saying they reminded me of skittles!

  13. No one can do magnetic like Nails Inc. I went through the same thing with the 17 ones. It was awful and left my nail blue (grrrr). Loving the multi-coloured ones though. They be pretty!

  14. The Matte ones are fab, really lovely colours, I used to think Matte only looked good on darker nails but this proves me wrong!

  15. Love your multi coloured nails!

    Holli x

  16. love the rainbow colors - very cute ;)

  17. I really like the Matte nail varnishes :)

  18. the matte ones are gorg



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