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My Deer/Bambi print dress I bought on my recent London Trip turned out to be mega popular with a heap of people commenting on it. Thanks, thanks a lot! So here I am wearing it. It's such a nice material, not quite silky in texture but not quite cottony (does that even make sense?) 
Because it is freakin' cold out I've got my new favourite cardigan in the world ever on. It was from Primark and cost £5 in the sale. It's amazing. Such great quality for Primark. I'm sure sometimes they get stuff in there that bigger high street shops have rejected or something as this is way above the quality of their usually knitwear (worn for 2 weeks non stop and no bobbles!)
The dress itself is slightly shorter than I would of liked but with Primark's super cosy tights it's fine as they're thicker than most leggings. It also means I could possibly wear this dress with trousers too for when the weather inevitably turns again.
The shoes I'm wearing are also my favourite in the world ever. They're Clarks but from a Charity Shop. When I bought them for £5 about 2 years ago they were actually as good as new, but I've worn them so much they're completely battered! I have another pair in black that I got off ebay. They're the comfiest shoes I've ever owned.
Have you ever bought anything from a charity shop that you can't stop wearing? I do often fear some old dear has died in this pair, but at least she would be resting safe in the knowledge that they've been put to extra good use eh!

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  1. Haha the shoes creep me out, but Ive got the same thing with earrings and necklaces, oh well! The dress is soo bambi cute its unreal!:)x

  2. V cute dress!! X



  3. Yes, I agree - nice to see the shoes getting further wear rather than being chucked :)
    The dress is amazing and I may have to keep my eye out for Primark knits similar to that one :)

    Karys x

  4. Super cute dress, even better that its such a bargain! Congrats on another feature on daily blogs on HelloCotton.


  5. If you ever tire of that dress, I lay claim!

  6. i love your outfit is so pretty


  7. aww this print is the cuttest ever! xxx

  8. I love your blog!!!!!!!! Im from méxico but i live in newcastle... cheers


Thanks for the comment!

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